Has The Anti- #GamerGate SJW’s Given Up?

I’ve noticed that the once constant stream of hate directed towards gamers has seemed to dissipate in the last couple of months. I’ve been trying hard to determine why the marked decrease in vitriol and vicious attacks have become virtually nonexistent, at least from where I sit. Have the ant-GamerGate contingant given up? Have they realized that for all the negative media coverage they generated about gamers have come to no avail?

I belive the main reason is the latter; The media have moved on. When it was realized that there was no there there, no evidence for all the claims made against gamers, it was time to let this narrative die the death it deserved. It’s actually possible that some of these media outlets, like ABC and NBC, discovered they were had. We know how the media works, if it bleeds, it leads and there was no blood in the water for those same sharks to swarm.

There was a particular event that may have made at least some in the media reevaluate: the May 1st GamerGate meetup in Washington D.C. where an actual bomb threat was made and a resturant evacuated. How does the gamers are terrorists meme work then? After that event, the silence was almost deafening. It certainly didn’t play well for the anti-GamerGate supporters when there were several prominent journalists in attendance.

Of course, it’s not as if the anti-Gamers were ever able to make a coherent case. The leaders (Quinn, Wu, Sarkeesian to name just 3) that the anti-GamerGateers wrapped in the flag of social justice, quickly self destructed as none of them were able to effectively make an argument that gaming is ant-women, minorities, etc. (for these, it was all about women though).

I think as well that many of their supporters have probably realized that what they had done was buy into a hive mind. There was no rational thought to any of the anti-gamer arguments. I think what surprised me the most in the beginning was the willingness of people to actually accept the rhetoric without any critical analysis.

Some on the anti-GamerGate side are now saying that GamerGate is over, as if they could just declare victory and move on to their next target for social justice. GamerGate is not over; if anything, it’s evolved and matured and become a gatekeeper, exposing Social Justice Warriors for what they are: a toxic effluent that only the strongest of disinfectant is able to counter.

That disinfectant is GamerGate.

2 thoughts on “Has The Anti- #GamerGate SJW’s Given Up?

  1. I think they’re terrified of having their narrative brought out into the light of day and if Airplay goes forward that’s exactly what could happen. Their trying to move on hoping gamers will forget them and all the shit they’ve made up about us.


  2. I don’t think they have given up per-see, I feel that they are biding their time.
    Waiting in the dark for any kinks in the armour if you will.

    We should take this oppertunity to have a breather but at the same time, keep vigilent.

    also nice article….


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