Is Gaming Journalism Still Necessary?

Has gaming journalism become an anachronism? The reason I ask this question is that I don’t actually know anyone that base their purchases on reviews from gaming journalists. In fact, in having conversations with other gamers I have come to know over the Internet, especially since the inception of GamerGate, no one I have ever had any interaction with would say that in the last several years have they ever depended on a gaming magazine review to influence what they buy.

I’m sure there is still a sizeable number of people that do, or else all of these online magazines would be out of business by now. Not everyone has the time or energy to do their own research.

My problem is that since GamerGate, how can anyone actually trust anything they read? Sure, many of these sites have created or modified policies, trying to assure their readership that what they’re viewing is fair and honest, but once an entire industry (gaming journalism) are found to be colluding with one another to manipulate their base, and that corruption has been rampant in the past, how does anyone place any trust in these people again.?

The only reason we see any changes today is that they were caught red handed. If GamerGate had not occurred, would these sites have self policed themselves? I doubt it. For me, that makes them irrelevant.

2 thoughts on “Is Gaming Journalism Still Necessary?

  1. I can’t think of the last time I read anything from a gaming journalist and I certainly never pay any attention to any of them, at least not to decide what I purchase. I look at a game. I look at people who have actually played the game. I decide if I think the game looks good. I buy the game. I no more care what professional game journalists think of the game than I do what professional movie reviewers think of movies. They get paid to have opinions. I can get people who will give their opinions for free anywhere.


    • I recall speaking to you about buying games for kids. I was worried about purchasing a game that might be too mature for my kid. Your response? “Meh”. I’ve appreciated that in I haven’t “worried” about what games to buy my daughter, only that she may not like the game.


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