#GamerGate and Public Opinion

It’s been claimed that GamerGate has “lost the battle of pubic opinion”. There may be something said for that but I wouldn’t really call it public opinion as I am certain, from my own experience that a great majority of the public has never even heard of GamerGate, or if they have, don’t know what GamerGate is about.

What GamerGate was losing, intially, had nothing to do with public opinion, but media opinion. The fawning neo-radical social justice propnents within the media that for years before Listen and Believe ever became a progressive meme, had bought lock, stock and barrel into the idea that if the subject were about the oppression of women in western society, it must be true because, well, a woman or group of women said so, therefore it must be true. Report it!

Nevermind that there is a substantial percentage of gamers that are women; that’s a detail and the only reason women might even want to play games is for the approval of those nasty, sexist, men. The tide did start to turn however, when the sexism and harrassment and threats that those opponents were claiming were the exlusive perview of gamers, ended coming from those same opponents.

Then there were some in the media that actually took up the flag for gamers. It came as no surprise to me that these same writers wrote for conservative and libertarian media outlets; those most despised by the progressives. Daily, weekly, more and more content flowed that was tweeted and retweeted into the Twitterverse and more and more people, gamers or no, were able to digest the truth of the online movement known as GamerGate.

The anti-GamerGate media became virtually silent. Those most provocative of the anti-GamerGate cabal were dispatched to the dusty bins of professional victimization where they originated.

The last gasp was recently at the E3 meeting in Los Angeles where those same media whores were embarrassed not only be their lack of knowledge of gaming,(Gee, who knew that Tomb Raider had a female protagonist!), and that for years, female playable characters in various games had always been available.

But wait! Instead of putting down the shovel now, we’re going to dig a little deeper and show everyone how stupid we really are:

Of course, this is meant to exemplify that male characters are a majority over female charcters in video games but I guess they were unable to read their own pie chart: 46% Either. Laughter ensued.

I’m not saying that GamerGate has won and that its over, it certainly isn’t because just as in the above graph, there’ll be more and more attempts to show that gaming is inherently sexist, or racist, or, well, something else.

In the meantime, it appears that GamerGate has made progress and the cockroaches are being driven back to their dark nests because they cannot stand the repellant of truth.

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