#GamerGate: I Don’t Care About Tauriq Moosa

There’s been a lot of speculation over the past several days whether a “games journalist”, Tauriq Moosa was “hounded” off Twitter because of his views. There have been articles supporting this view, of course blaming GamerGate, in The Mary Sue, The Inquisitor, and even one of GamerGate’s most infamous critics, Brianna Wu, tweeted about the flounce. Of course I would be delinquent if I failed to mention The Usual Suspects.

None of the posts mentioned above provide any proof that GamerGate harassed Moosa. Anyone would think that someone being driven off any social media platform by any group or even a single individual, that there would be some evidence presented.

Moosa himself blogged about his stiuation here. Of course he doesn’t directly accuse anyone associated with GamerGate, but he seems to imply that GamerGate is to blame.

Who cares what they’re saying about me? You know who I am. There’s nothing for you to defend, but there’s plenty for you to promote. I’m not going to tell you who that is, you should know. (emphasis mine)

He ends his blog with a PPS, addressing those of us asking for evidence that GamerGate drove him off Twitter.

PPS: People asking for evidence don’t care about evidence. The fact I left a key source of income and employment, where I was able to get pitches, writing gigs, etc., you would think would be sufficient – but, again, they’re not interested in evidence. Please: Don’t debate them, help promote us.(emphasis his)

Pretty self serving don’t you think? Asking for evidence means not caring about evidence. Losing a job because you are a hack is not your fault, but someone else pointing out that fact.

I’m guessing any moment now we’ll see a Patreon in his name. This seems to happen to a lot of the SJW’s that can’t seem to hold a job. Several at the site where he blogs, have already started one for themselves.

I don’t care about Tauriq Moosa and his flounce. Why anyone cares whether one person decides to leave Twitter is beyond any reasonable comprehension.

Whining is the SJW modus operandi. Nothing new to see here folks. Move along.

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