#GamerGate: Stay Focused

I saw this tweet from Mark Kern (aka @Grummz on Twitter) and I couldn’t agree more:

The anti-GamerGate crowd have lost the intial debate concerning ethics in gaming journalism and yes, it’s gone fairly silent in the past 2-3 months, but that should make those of us that support GamerGate more wary.

We shouldn’t be sitting back, patting each other on the back and hefting pints in victory. As I’ve said before, this is really just the first shot. As soon as GamerGate fades away, which is what the opposition is hoping for, what was fought for will be lost.

Things may even become worse in that we know the SJW’s really want to infest the gaming commuity and turn it into something that it isn’t and was never meant to be: a safe space.

People need to remain vigilant and not take silence for surrender. Many atheists have been fighting the same battle against ideological purity that has now come to gaming for years. Small victories occasionally occur, but those are fleeting as the attacks on character, the threats of doxxing, the slandering of good people who happen to disagree, continue to occur.

The absence of the anti’s from the SPJ AirPlay event next month mean nothing over the long term. If anything, this is the perfect time to become more organized. If you haven’t already joined (it’s free) take a look at League For Gamers.

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