SJW Rage Tears

I saw a tweet on my timeline this morning I just have to share. It’s hilarious. You recall the kerfuffle in the Canadian Libertarian Party with the video with Lauren Southern confronting feminists at a slut walk and challenging them as to the efficacy of the narrative of rape culture. This did not go over well with her party.

As most of you know, she was running for office but due to her hurting the fee-fees of the feminists, the Libertarian Party dropped her as a candidate and suspended her from the party.

A week later, due to the outrage that was generated by this suspension, she was reinstated. Okay, so now we’re all caught up on the drama generated by the Libertarian Party of Canada. Well, maybe not.

The tweet I was referring to? Here it is:

Since that’s just a snapshot, here’s the actual text that @lizzyf620 included:

Well, as we know, this is what happens when SJW’s don’t get their way. In fact, I replied to lizy much the same:

Good riddance! I hope the Libertarian Party of Canada learned something from this incident and I hope others will take note as well.

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