Sunday Stuff: The Orginal Pledge Salute

In researching an upcoming post I came across some fascinating images concerning the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance that I have never before seen or even heard of. It’s almost that this little part of our history has been carefully edited not only out of our history books, but out of our collective memory.

I was completely unaware that the original salute for the pledge was known as the Bellamy Salute and is creepily familiar to those of us today in another context.

My parents, both of whom were school children in the 1930’s never spoke about it even though my father was a WWII veteran. The pledge was not formally adopted until 1942, when the salute was changed to the right hand over the heart for civilians, but it’s amazing to see the images of children reciting the pledge using the Bellamy Salute.

I wonder if either of my parents ever recited the pledge in school and if so, was it with the Bellamy Salute? Unfortunately, I’ll never know because they’re both gone, but had I known about this phenomena a decade ago, I surely would have asked.

Here’s a couple of images:

Lots of kids there, here’s one in a classroom:

If your grandparents or, depending on your age, great-grandparents are still around, ask them if they’re aware of this salute.

BTW, the header image is that of the original pledge.

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