What is #GamerGate About Again?

There’s been a ongoing discussion via Twitter recently as to what GamerGate is actually about. Notice I italicized discussion. I still can’t comprehend how anyone can do that on Twitter. Anyway. There’s a side that says that the movement is all about ethics in journalism and another side that claims that yes, that’s true, but it’s also about the incursion of radical feminist ideology into gaming, or as some prefer to abbreviate, SJW’s.

I tend to agree with both sides of this argument. Yes, GamerGate was originally about journalistic corruption, but it was those same journalists that injected the meme of misogyny, racism and sexism within gaming and was then propagated by wider media interests that propelled that idea into mainstream conciousness that now, when most people that are asked about what GamerGate is about, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Both sides of this minor dispute have a point. GamerGate is first and foremost about corruption in gaming journalism. To deny however that it has since evolved into a discussion about the radical feminist agenda in gaming would be ignoring obvious truths.

Almost since its inception, GamerGate has been declared dead. Well that worked out for those detractors, didn’t it? But lets not have their Nostradamus-like predictions become reality. GamerGate supporters should not be haggling over what is and isn’t. It’s perfectly fine to have disagreements, but not let those differences of opinion become disunity in the overall movement.

No one has to take sides. Everyone should be thinking for themselves and not allowing the most popular voice to be their voice. Doing that directly mimics the SJW’s. GamerGate then becomes Listen and Believe.

It’s not an either-or proposition. GamerGate can and should be about both issues.

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