My Patreon Dilemma

Wow. I just looked at Ophelia Bensons Patreon. She’s conned 60 marks into giving her a total of $595.24 per month. Astounding. Well, that has given me an idea. Okay, I know that thinking may be dangerous, but I’m going to give it a go.

Maybe I should start a Patreon. Hey, I ”create blog posts”. Don’t I deserve some money from people that are easily duped? I mean, I actually create content, not just copy/paste 70% of my content from other peoples work.

When I think about it, I should be able to drum up 2 or 3 times what she has to date; I think in the last week I’ve written at least 8 times as many words as she has. Don’t I deserve a little love? Am I not good enough to scam my readers as others do?

I would love to have a job where people gave me over $500 per month for doing absolutely nothing. In this case however, it’s not really a job when what’s contributed is maybe a 150 words per post.

I’m constantly amazed that these SJW’s so easily swindle their sycophants out of what is probably hard earned money. Well, for some. The remainder probably still receive an allowance from Mommy and Daddy.

I can understand that if someone were a real content provider whether a blog or YouTube account and provided their audience with interesting and intelligent content but in most cases that I see from the SJW’s? That never happens. Help me, help me! I’m too lazy to get a a real job and if you will send me money, I promise to provide you with content you can better find from other sources. I will plagiarize whomever to make sure I fill your content desires.

Ye Gods!

So maybe I will start a Patreon. All of you will support me, won’t you? I mean, hell, In this post alone I’ve written over 300 original words. Thats at least 2, maybe 3 Ophelia Benson posts.

6 thoughts on “My Patreon Dilemma

  1. “She’s conned 60 marks into giving her a total of $595.24 per month.”

    Holy crap! She conned no one. Her supporters are not being deceived. They know exactly what and whom they are supporting. The use of the word “conned” here can be nothing but a deliberate misrepresentation. Your personal dislike of Benson is clouding your judgement in the choice of words you use to comment on this subject.


  2. “I think in the last week I’ve written at least 8 times as many words as she has.”

    Perhaps true. But what you think is irrelevant. What does the evidence actually demonstrate. So why did you not actually look back through your posts and her posts for the past week and count up the words instead of offering a speculation.

    By the way just because you don’t like what she does with her blog is insufficient reason to disparage those who do like it. There is no rule or requirement that everything or even most of what appears in a bloggers post has to be original words. And there is no value or standard being violated by what Benson does. That your blog consists mostly of your own words rather than excerpts from the writings at other sources does not mean that your blog is in some way superior as measured by some objective standard that applies to blogs. There are to my knowledge, no such standards.


  3. This entire rant is so full of hubris. Look at me, I am intellectually superior to you so easility deluded, swindled sycophants. This is particularly disappointing because you are normally one of the relatively few conservative voices online that doesn’t engage in this kind of misrepresentation and arrogance.


  4. “I think in the last week I’ve written at least 8 times as many words as she has.”

    Not even close. Between August 4 and August 12 (as of 3:35 P.M.) Ophelia wrote 47 posts to your 15. Excluding quotes from other people and counting only words written by the blogger, Ophelia’s 47 posts contained 5,105 words to your 5,187 words. So your speculation that you’ve written 8 times as many words as she has in the past week is inaccurate. You could of course claim that you have written more words (82) than she did in this period of time, but this would not be much to boast about. You could also claim that you wrote more words per post. Interesting but hardly something worth boasting about.


  5. As for your criticism that Ophelia’s postings consist largely of excerpted quotes from other sources, so what? Her blog serves a different function than yours. She brings items of interest to the attention of her readers. Sure, she says very little commentary. But so what. Nothing wrong with the format she uses. It is not inferior or superior to your format. Just different. That you don’t like it is a judgement you are more than free to make. But publicly criticizing this format and her readers because they appear to like it is just an act of self-importance. Not to mention just plain petty and silly. You really should expect more of yourself.


  6. I like the idea of something like Patreon that lets readers make small regular contributions to support content creators as an alternative to online ads. What I don’t like is the incessant begging that often seems to accompany it. Granted, I know some bloggers who use Patreon and skip the begging; however, others seem to rely on intrusive pop ups and regular posts soliciting contributions. I far prefer seeing ads to this approach.


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