Western Feminist Bigotry


I watched an interesting, if short video from Sargon of Akkad this afternoon started me thinking about the so-called feminist movement not only in the U.S. but around the world.

The video has two women, one white and one black discussing “W hite Feminism”; how white women do not take into account the troubles of Women of Color.

What bothered me about this most of all, and it has nothing to do with Sargon’s take on it as I think he covered what was said very well, is that how Women of Color were somehow lumped into a single category.

Yes. A black woman speaks about how White Women Feminists do not take into account the issues of WoC.

What I found curious about this video was that neither the White or Black feminist actually bothered to really talk about other WoC. You know” Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern. Nope. It seems that “Women of Color” are confined entirely to black, western women.

As we all know, women in the west are the most oppressed class in the entire world. Where were the asian, hispanic or middle eastern women for that video? Well, obviously absent because it’s most likely that neither of these women that acted in this video have any experience outside their own privilege.

And their privilege is obvious: Well dressed and apparently educated. Unknown bt probably children of upper middle class parents at the minimum all the while compaling about the underprivileged WoC of whom they conveniently forget to mention the majority of women in the world.

The video just goes to show the complete lack of understanding, not just of “White Feminists” but of the radical feminist movement in the west as w whole, of what there is to really fight for.

2 thoughts on “Western Feminist Bigotry

  1. Many WoC have been criticizing privileged White feminists for some time, and some White feminists have started to pay at least some attention to Black women. I hadn’t thought about how women of other races are still being ignored to some degree. That’s an interesting observation. I suppose White feminists can only accomplish so much, especially when the scourge of #manspreading continues to demand their time and effort.


  2. Well, they’re not going to count Asian women because Asians, in the US at least, do quite well. Considerably better than their white equivalents. And, consequently, have virtually no interest in modern, whinging feminism since they’re too busy working hard, succeeding and enjoying the fruits of those successes.

    I do note that despite the fact that US Asians make 119% of what US Whites make, they are still considered oppressed victims under the Social Justice Flag. Except for when they can’t get into Berkeley or some other top school because ‘lived experience’ quotas for other minorities must be enforced to include students who simply not prepared for those schools.


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