Silence of the Anti-GamerGate Harpies

By today, I was certain I would see the detractors of GamerGate on the Internet with their counter talking points, foisting upon their readers their continuous, harpy-like narrative of how GamerGate representatives at the SPJAirPlay event over the weekend were coddled by the SPJ and never really challenged on any of their points. I am sad to report that there’s not been a peep out of them as of this writing.

Not a word from such imminent publications as The Mary Sue and Jezebel, to name just two here. Nothing about how the panelists at the conference were willfully misrepresenting what GamerGate is all about and how the discussion was chocked full of misogyny and sexism.

Of course, no mention whatsoever of the bomb threat that forced the evacuation of the auditorium – and not just the one where the GamerGate discussion was held – but the entire conference of journalists. It wasn’t worth a mention at all.

I was actually hoping to wake up to a little entertainment from the authoritarians who’ve driven the media coverage of GamerGate for the past year but it appears that they couldn’t be less interested. No, not just that GamerGate was threatened, but that an entire conference of journalists had to be evacuated due to what was considered at the time to be a serious threat.

As everyone may recall, when a venue that Anita Sarkeesian was to speak at late last year received a threat due to her attendance – which was debunked not only by the local people, but the FBI as well as not being credible – it made news around the nation and was proof for the feminists of the west that indeed GamerGate was a dangerous hate group.

Now, however, that GamerGate has been threatened at least twice (GGinDC and now SPJAirplay) no one seems to care. Credible threats against gamers and their supporters just don’t seem to be big enough news for those that are constantly espousing social justice to the rest of the world. I would think that at least some would actively condemn those actions, but no, they can’t seem to bring themselves to do so.

I’m currently wondering if one of SPJ’s newest members, Brianna Wu, you know, someone that makes a living from her writing and someone that constantly decries the threats she receives, will have anything to say.

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