I Can’t Summon Up Outrage Over Everything

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As an atheist and a sometime blogger, I find myself at times struggling to find something I believe that my occasional readers might enjoy. It’s not as if there’s nothing going on in the world, it has to do with first finding something that I’m interested in writing about, then determining whether or not the readership would be interested in that subject as well.

For instance, I toyed with writing about the Bashar Mustafa arrest over violating the UK hate speech laws yesterday. There were already several bloggers that had chimed in, and it was trending somewhat on Twitter, so I thought it might be a good topic to write on if I were able to find a different take on it other than the mundane, #IStandWithBasharMustafa that I was seeing everywhere and people saying. “Well, I don’t agree with what she said, but I support her right to say it. It’s called free speech.”. Nonsense.

I did come up with a novel idea (I’m being facetious): how about those in the UK that want to ensure free speech for everyone petition their government to rescind or at least relax the seemingly very restrictive laws on the books concerning speech? I mean, really, shouting on Twitter does exactly what? Writing blogs or making YouTube videos accomplishes exactly what again? Yeah, I thought so.

The Mustafa affair is like most everything else that freedom loving Internet jockeys love to rant and rail about for two or three days then quickly move on to the next outrage that they will do absolutely nothing about. As we all know, that’s how this medium works.

I also didn’t blog about the Anita and Zoe go to the UN circus. Why? Who really cares about what goes on at the UN? You do? Well, let’s look at it for a moment. Suppose that all 193 member nations voted on the report that was suddenly yanked from the Internet and the vote was 193-0 to implement the changes recommended. Of course, those nations that already have severe restrictions on their citizens would embrace the report and and use it to justify some of the horrible crimes they commit against their own people. The remainder? They’d ignore it. Sure, they’d all say they would do what they could to implement but, well, you know, democracy.

And I come back around to finding something interesting to blog about on a daily basis. Sure, sometimes for those of you that regularly visit here, you may see me blog multiple times a day. Other times when you visit, I haven’t blogged in days, sometimes a few weeks. It’s really all about how interested I am in the news or drama that may be occurring at the moment.

Mostly, like the average person, I am little interested. Other times I cannot help myself and blog about some of the utter stupidity of others. Especially when I see it from so-called “skeptics”. I’m not leaving out the avowed atheists either. Some of the claptrap some atheists/skeptics spew is just too much to say silent about.

In the meantime, I’ll carry on, attempting to find subjects that interest me and I hope interest you as well. And as always, you are welcome to comment. I don’t moderate. If you find your comment in moderation, it’s because something WordPress has done and not me and I will accept your comment as soon as I see the problem.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Summon Up Outrage Over Everything

  1. I don’t think that chronic outrage is good for us. At least, I’m fairly sure it isn’t good for my blood pressure. I’ve managed to step away from it for the most part, and I actually feel better as a result. It isn’t that I don’t still write about things I find outrageous from time to time; it is more that I make an effort not to become overly invested in and emotional about what I’m writing about to the point where it clouds my judgment. And when I feel that I might benefit from a bit out outrage, there is always #manspreading to give me my fix.


    • I think that what I describe as “outrage” is probably more disappointment in the direction society is hurtling toward. I really don’t know if people that are proponents of most of the ridiculous ideas I tend to mock actually understand that if they actually got their way, they would probably not like the society they helped architect. But it’s fun to watch the struggle between reason and nonsense. I think that the flailing of those that fight for the latter make good copy.


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