Comfort Animals: Today’s College Students Need Relief for Anxiety and Depression

It’s not the first time in the last few years that I’ve read an article that was actually jaw-dropping for me. In fact, it seems the last few years it happens more often than not. My brain races and I find myself thinking, what in the world?

I’m referring to this article someone tweeted this morning that’s in the New York Times. Yes, this college is allowing students to have comfort animals. Students that have been diagnosed with some sort of mental health issue. In the story, the two young women profiled have issues with depression and anxiety, resulting for one in panic attacks.

So, they are allowed to keep animals in their on campus room. One a rabbit, the other a dog.

Here’s a key sentence in the article for me.

Anxiety, followed closely by depression, has become a growing diagnosis among college students in the last few years.

Why is that? Is it because college life has become so strenuous that todays generation are incapable of navigating through 4 or 5 years on their own? I wonder if the underlying reason may be that before entering university, they were coddled too much and now that they have to be in a place without their pillows, stuffed animals, and play-dough, is life too difficult?

Wait until they have to leave that safe space and have to make their way in the real word. I wonder if future employers are going to allow these people to keep their animals at work because, well, sometimes, as most of us know, there will be stressful situations at the office.

For some reason, I won’t be surprised that employers implement some sort of safe space for these over sensitive children. Hell, they have to have somebody to replace those of us that will be retiring.

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