Voices of Reason are Lacking

Having been away from this meduim for a while, I have been completely unaware of the state of blogging by atheists and skeptics. As I wrote a bit earlier today, I personally became exhausted from all the drama that had been so pervasive in the blogosphere. It appears I wasn’t alone.

Before I decided to restart this blog, I rejoined Twitter. I wanted to see what some of my old friends were talking about online and so spent some time searching for a few of those I respected. Although I’m not following a lot of people right now, I was still a bit surprised in the lack of atheist/skeptic content. Sure people were still out there and tweeting, but not a great deal of it has anything to do with atheism or skepticism.

It’s important for people of reason to keep their voices active. I just read a blogpost by vjack today that speaks directly to this problem. People, as I did, have left the online advocacy of reason for…? And yes, it’s true that like me, people became exhausted, or frustrated by what seems to be the futility of arguing for rationality.

We shouldn’t give up though. We can’t allow a minority of voices to claim atheism and skepticism as their own. We have a rich a diverse group of people and the more voices heard, the better for all of us.

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