Time to End Trump Derangement

I really cannot understand the outright derangement from people after the recent election in the U.S. Yes, Trump won, Clinton lost and it’s those from the left that want to do everything they can to attempt to delegitimize the election.

It’s interesting to me that whenever I speak with someone that can’t stand that Trump won they always come up with basically the same arguments.

  1. Hillary won the popular vote!
  2. Anyone that voted for Trump is a racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc.

Well, it is true that Hillary Clinton did win the national popular vote. It means nothing though unless you also win at least 270 electoral votes. She didn’t. I hear cries from people that want us to dump the electoral college and choose our president by popular vote only.

Easier said than done. The electoral college is ensonced in the Constitution, first here by the founders later amended by the 12th Amendment. So, it would actually take an amendment, passed by congress and 3/4’s of the states to change the procedure of how we elect our president.

I don’t see that happening, at least during my lifetime. Why? It’s pretty simple really. The college was originally set up by the founders ensure that every vote counted, that those less populous states would get as much consideration as the more populous ones. Think about it, if we had a popular vote today, where would Trump/Clinton have focused their campaigns? Well, if you look at the map of the 2016 election, you can see where Hillary received the majority of her votes (by county).

And here’s how that vote worked out as to the states themselves:

So what we’re looking at is a president that would be elected president from mainly the east and west coasts. Precisely what the founders wanted to avoid (during that time it was MA, NY, and PA specifically). With the electoral college, even Alaska and Hawaii are important. Without it?

Finally, to address the second charge that Trump voters were, well, as Hillary Clinton described as “a basket of deplorables”, it may be true that there are people that voted for Trump because of their bigotry. I wouldn’t describe all, or even “half” as Clinton herself said, were part of that. In fact, go back and look at the maps above again. If that’s so, then suddenly in a short 4 years, a lot of people that voted for Barack Obama twice suddenly discovered their inner bigot. I doubt that and anyone thinking rationally should agree.

So why did Trump win? I really think that he appealed to people that wanted an outsider, not a Washington politician. He spoke about policies a lot of people cared about, which he still talks about on his “Thank You” tour.

It’s time to get over it. He’s the President-Elect. You may cry and protest in the streets as much as you want, but that fact will not change.

Oh, have you noticed the conspiracy theories coming out from the left? The one I like the most is that on Dec. 19, the college will change their minds and vote for Hillary.

And they used to call the right-wingers conspiracy nuts.

3 thoughts on “Time to End Trump Derangement

  1. Not to excuse any of this, as it has been driving me crazy too, but I think that one of the things driving the post-election nonsense was the degree of surprise. It was almost impossible for anyone who had largely been consuming left-leaning media to see Trump coming. All the polls had Clinton ahead, and the news media made it sound like it was inevitable that she would win. When that didn’t happen, the shock was clearly too much for some.

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    • Yeah, many polls had Clinton ahead. State polls in places (PA, MI, OH, WI, etc.) had them statistically tied with Clinton ahead. Even Fox News really didn’t believe Trump would eventually win. For me though, there’s a difference in being surprised, or disappointed and becoming totally deranged. If you notice on Twitter, and I think you have, it still continues.


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