Why Do Some People Leave Atheism?

A good, faithful Christian family, happy and financially secure. Suddenly, everything turns upside down. The family’s finances are in tatters, and the patriarch, due to the financial stress, is admitted to a mental hospital. God is absent during this family crisis, prayers to heal the patriarch and restore the financial situation go unanswered. Where to turn? What’s the answer to this crisis? Well, easy! Become an atheist.

I didn’t make this story up, I actually found in online, here. Scrolling down a bit, the blogger has posted a short video (4 minutes) of his journey from being and Christian, to atheism, and back.

This person is a good example of my post from yesterday. I posted that blog on reddit, and there was one valid criticism in that I didn’t provide any examples for my claims. I really didn’t make any claims there, I just proposed some possibilities as to why someone may have become an atheist and then return back to their faith.

But fair is fair.

Here’s another example which is a rant that begins by saying he left atheism because atheists are bullies, and ends with this statement:

I left atheism for the simple reason that I was tired of being around people who were so closed minded.

Read the entire rant. It’s tough to get through. I guess what is not understood is that atheists, by definition are close minded – to the idea of a god or gods. The claims made of mocking and belittling may be accurate in some instances, but in my experience not common. Asking someone to prove a statement they’ve made is neither. Also note that we never learn the reason he/she became an atheist. It is obvious to me is that this person was another that was never really an atheist. I may be wrong, but that’s how it reads to me.

Here’s a third example, from a post at reddit itself where the young man became an atheist because of a split with his devout father. He became cruel and rude to Christians. He turned to atheism because he was angry with his father, it seems from his statement. Afrer 4 years, he goes to a church and accepts Christ never revealing anything about atheism, just about his anger and hurt.

This last example, I am tempted not to use, because it’s rather tesious to read to answer the question in it’s Title: Why I Left Atheism. This is a man that was raised in a loving family and was raised as an atheist – he decides early on that he was indoctrinated – and proceeds to provide a synopsis of his entire history of life, education, and love without ever really revealing to his audience of why he left atheism. This is actually a small booklet meant for a Christian audience.

He does admit, a long way into his story that he had become sick of himself as an atheist,tired of being selfish, being dishonest and using people. A later paragraph then sums up what he thinks about atheism in this one statement:

Perhaps you are not immoral or hurting people or dishonest or doing the kinds of things that I did.

I would call this a case of self-loathing. Although raised (oops! – indoctrinated) as an atheist from a young age, he grew to resent himself. A very tedious read to come up with just that tiny bit of an actual reason to leave atheism. I’m unsure whether he was ever really an atheist. I don’t know and no one can say for sure other than the individual.

There are probably many more reasons why people leave atheism. It is possible they had unrealistic expectations of what atheism really is about. Suffice to say, I do not think that atheism is a choice someone makes on a whim. It’s not a choice at all. As I wrote in the other post, it’s a conclusion.

Those that may have been raised in an atheist household (I know a few, actually) never felt they were indoctrinated. It’s just the way it was in their home. I was told by one that he did actually explore the Christian faith, from the outside, and all that did was reinforce that it was nothing but nonsense.

Atheists have rejected the blue pill. We live and conduct our lives honestly and morally. Each of us decide for ourselves how to direct our lives. No one makes those decisions for us. People that leave atheism seem to need a direction; someone to make decisions for them. Belief has become a safety net where they don’t have to be responsible for their lives. Some else is in charge.

I think that a lot of people leave atheism for just that reason alone.









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