Easter: A Day We Can All Celebrate

So, Easter is upon us. I thought I might write something mocking the Christian tradition, but I’m certain we’ll see plenty of those in the next few days. It’s been done, a lot, and I’m sure I’ve written something similar in past years. I’m not saying that the whole “Zombie Jesus” meme is not worthy of derision, it’s just that I think that although this is a holiday for a particular religious belief, atheists have their own celebrations that are worthy of mention.

Of course, I do find the humor in that this year, Easter is on April Fools Day. How appropriate from an atheists perspective. Somehow, i don’t think that believers will find the same humor in it as we do, or the irony.

I don’t have a problem with Christians celebrating this day. It’s one of the two days every year they hold as validation of their belief system. I think it’s okay for people to believe in whatever mythology they may find comfort.

At my house, Easter is neither about the celebration of The Risen Christ, nor is it about any possible pagan holiday. It’s just about family. There is of course the basket, with candy and elaborately decorated eggs I lay out by my daughters bed, very late (or early a.m.) delivered overnight by the “Easter Bunny”.

There’s also a meal in the early afternoon, and I know exactly what to prepare of course: barbecue ribs. Nothing shows love anymore to me than the barbecue covered smile I see on her face.

So I do want to wish my fellow atheists a “Happy Easter”. Enjoy the day with family, friends, or both.


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