What’s Going on at American Atheists?

Since the recent suspension of David Silverman at American Atheists, I’ve noticed the net going silent. Yes, at first when the statement came out about his suspension over an allegation, there was some speculation, but since then, nothing.I understand that American Atheists is doing an investigation over the allegation, and it’s good that there doesn’t seem to be any leaks about that investigation so far, but what the heck is going on?

Let me start by saying I am not currently a member of American Atheists. I did join a few years ago but like any other organization anyone joins, I was constantly flooded with requests for more money for some cause or another. I don’t like that much and it just confirmed for me why I am not a joiner.

I’ve never met Silverman but he appeared to me to be a good spokesman for not only American Atheists, but atheism itself. I recall seeing him on The O’Reilly Factor a few years ago, concerning the “War on Christmas”. I recall O’Reilly coming out of his seat, loud, and pointing his finger at Silverman, while David sat back smiling. At the time I thought he was the perfect representative because he wouldn’t take the bait.

I know he took a lot of criticism for attending CPAC in 2015. As a conservative, I thought it was brilliant. There are many more conservative leaning atheists than is regularly polled. I also recall him saying in interviews afterward that there was no hostility toward anyone from American Atheists.

I hope the situation is resolved quickly, whether in Silverman’s favor or not, so that the organization may move forward. I do think American Atheists do some good in debunking the mythology we constantly hear and see about atheists and I’d be disappointed if whatever occurred affected the organization and atheists in general.

8 thoughts on “What’s Going on at American Atheists?

    • Thanks for the link. I recall that post now and I was taken back by it. He was looking to turn American Atheists into an SJW organization. That is very disappointing and at the time I originally read that post, I was glad I had let my membership expire a year or so earlier.

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  1. Funnny that I wrote this piece and the next day the statement came out that he’d been terminated. My timing is not so great, I guess. I hope they get back to their basic charter and disavow most of what Silverman wrote about in the first comment (link to Mehta’s blog).


  2. I thought David Silverman put The American Atheist Organization on the map. I wish he had not blown it. David Silverman is brilliant and I hope to see him on youtube again.


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