Aren’t We Tired of War Yet?

It’s absolutely amazing to me to see the cacophony of calls, from the left and the right, for a major military strike in Syria. As I sit here writing this, the US is moving assets into the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as at least one ally (Britain). France is said to be onboard for a move on Syria as well.

Russia has already warned of retaliation if there are massive strikes. What that means, no one knows but I would assume a like-for-like attack on coalition assets. They too have missiles, that can take down aircraft, as well as anti-missile technology in the region. And let’s not forget about Iran.

Of course I’m vehemently opposed to anyone using these WMD’s against civilian populations, and there should be some sort of response to a regime that has used them again and again in the 7 year long civil war. But what should that response be exactly? How far should we go to insure that these weapons are never again used? Are we willing to start a war that may end up killing thousands more civilians? Is there any other way to prevent this from happening again other than to use massive military force?

I hope all these questions are being considered. The consequences should be carefully considered. It’s not about starting World War III as some pundits have stated. This is not the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 where the US and the USSR may have been just minutes from destroying each other with nuclear assets. It’s about widening an already devastating conflict across the Middle East. We’ve already witnessed this when in 2012, the West took out the Libyan government. That country, as well as Tunisia by the way, is in chaos.

As someone that’s seen this before, up close and personal, I am hoping our government, as well as our allies, are taking this into account. Let’s not rush in and start a conflict we are unable to end.

I’m tired of our seemingly endless military involvement in the Middle East. Let’s hope our leaders won’t step into that quicksand again.

2 thoughts on “Aren’t We Tired of War Yet?

  1. I saw an interesting analysis recently in which it was argued that the main difficulty we have in deterring al-Assad is that he’s fighting for the survival of his regime while we’re ambivelent about how involved we want to get. It sounded like the challenge is how we can be effective in deterring his use of chemical weapons without getting far more involved than we seem to want to. And like you said, it isn’t clear what getting more involved would look like as long as Russia and Iran continue to support him.


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