I Don’t Care What You Think

Does anyone that’s an atheist really care what the religious think about them? I can understand trying to correct misconceptions about what atheism really is, but beyond that, does anyone really care? Is anyone going to be truly affected by what some anonymous person online thinks about atheism, or even a friend or acquaintance?

My experience has taught me that there’s nothing I can say to any of these believers that would change their overall view of atheists. I almost never engage them online, and I don’t talk about being an atheist, unless asked, by anyone I personally know.

Many say that atheism is nothing more than another belief system , another religion of sorts. Most of the time I hear the argument that atheists have just replaced god with science, making that our god. I don’t worship science, but I trust it and the scientific method of inquiry to help explain our planet and universe. Religion cannot and does not do that.

These people, as hard as they try, do not offend me. They just continue to exhibit their ignorance concerning something they’ve been taught is evil or immoral. They lack perspicacity, preferring to be told what to believe and what to think.

That’s called laziness.

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