It’s Rapture Day, Again

Well, it’s April 23rd and as far as I am able to discern from where I live, no rapture has occurred. Okay, since it’s not actually the end of the day (that would be midnight), I’ll qualify with yet.

I live near a military installation with an airfield that has a little traffic and I haven’t noticed any aircraft falling from the sky, nor have I heard of the nearby highway being cluttered with vehicles that suddenly became unoccupied.

I actually tuned into a local talk radio station this morning and, no mention of anything odd was in any of the news breaks. There wasn’t a mention of this prediction.

I tried to remember how many times in my lifetime this prediction has been made. I don’t think it has been a lot, but I do seem to recall this sort of doomsday prediction happens every few years. Remember the Blood Moon prophecy from just abut four years ago? That one even made the national news but only because a prominent end times pastor, John Hagee, was predicting the end of days. I don’t really think any of the reporting took the prediction seriously, but it was reported.

This time, the only reason I even knew about this prediction was a story I saw a week or so ago. I don’t watch a lot of news, but I haven’t seen it being reported. In searching for that story just now, I did discover that it is, in fact, being reported today.

I’m going to guess though, based on the track record of these end times predictions/prophecies, that no one has much to worry about.

There’s still time though, where I live there’s just less than nine hours to midnight. So to be safe, don’t board any airplanes, and definitely stay off the streets and highways.


2 thoughts on “It’s Rapture Day, Again

  1. It would be interesting to know how common these predictions really are and whether the frequency with which they are made fluctuates much or tends to be stable. It seems like we get at least one every couple years, but I wonder if we only hear about a small number of them.


  2. I actually thought about performing a search on just that while I was writing this piece. I did 2 quick searches but came up with bupkis(probably because my search terms weren’t exact enough) so I left it alone. I think all anyone would have to do is search these end times pastors, like Hagee, to see their predictions.


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