Atheist or Faitheist?

As a conservative, I often look at many different online news sites on a daily basis. I also look at those that are liberal, because I want to see the news, and even opinion from both sides of the spectrum. In both, there are of course what I consider wacky reporting and opinion. Some of it is just downright false. For me, it’s lazy writing. It’s okay to have an opinion, no matter how flawed that opinion may be, but at least make the attempt to get the facts correct before publishing.

so I ran across this article today. I never give this site much credence to begin with, but occasionally they will have an interesting perspective. The article linked above though, is just plain nonsense.

The second paragraph is pure comedy and of course comes fro a Christian-centric mind. The author begins by making the claim that there are indeed clues that point to a designer, but of course, never points to any of those clues. He also states that in order for atheists to have no believe in a god, that we’d have to have faith in chaos. At this point, very early in the article, it became clear to me that this writer had no clue as to what he was talking about.

The very next sentence is even more telling when he claims that we believe that, “matter just sprung up out of nowhere” demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge on the subject. It’s a common straw man attempting to discredit science. I don’t know of any physicist that makes that claim. If anything, this is more a a Christian perspective on the creation of the universe, that god “created the heavens and the earth” from nothing.

Then the author gives his proof of what he has said, by claiming that all of this comes from, now get this, “multiverse” theory. When I read that I immediately thought, where have I been? I didn’t know that there had actually been any proof presented that there was indeed a multiverse. I’m not an astrophysicist, but I think that if scientists had been able to demonstrate the multiverse existed, we’d all have heard about it.

The “theory” of the multiverse is not a theory. It’s an hypothesis. I wish these fundamentalists would at least attempt to understand the scientific method. But the author offers further, a lengthy quote from Professor Brian Keating which in actually does not make his point whatsoever.

It’s true that there are scientists that think that the multiverse is possible, but there are also those that don’t. Keating falls into the latter. It doesn’t prove faith in anything. Science often hypothesizes various scenarios in different disciplines but until there is actual evidence is found, and that evidence is demonstrable and other scientists can repeat the method used, then that’s all it is – a hypothesis.

There’s no faith in play here. This is one of those wacky articles I mentioned in the beginning that makes a claim without any evidence. It’s so inane that these Christians still do not underhand what is scientific theory and what is not.

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