Keating May Agree With Me

Gotta say “Wow!” here. I was looking at my timeline a few minutes ago and a bit earlier I had commented on a tweet I had seen congratulating Professor Brian Keating on his video at PragerU. Well, I had just completed a few hours earlier a takedown of an article I had seen about it. The “Wow!” isn’t about my post but about the tweet I saw, and my response to it.

Here’s the tweet and my response:

Of course, I had just written about that video, based on an article I had read earlier in the day. I’d also read the transcript which doesn’t do much for PragerU as some might think it does.

So to my complete surprise, I received a “like” on my tweet response from non other than Professor Keating himself:

That’s the “Wow” factor. I don’t expect to hear from noted scientists when I mention their name. So what I did at that point was “follow” him on Twitter. I want to hear from him in general.

Guess what? He followed me back. That says a lot in my opinion. Not a person that believes he’s so important that he won’t follow someone because of his/her status. Just to be back down to earth though, looking at his profile, he follows a lot of people. I’m not special. I didn’t think I was, it’s just unusual for me to see any sort of response like I did.

He’s a teacher as well as a research scientist and I think that’s why he follows back so many. That’s good in my view. I wish more prominent scientists did the same.

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