Being an Atheist Does Not Make You a Skeptic

I’m an atheist. I make no bones about it. It’s just something, as I wrote about, that I concluded. I don’t stand on the street corner and shout, “I’m an atheist!”, and when meeting someone new, I don’t say, “Oh, and I’m an atheist”. I’m not militant. I rarely confront, online or in person, anyone that has negative things to say about atheists. I’m not afraid to confront, but I find the time I might spend defending atheism as tiring, and worthless.

I don’t attempt to convert anyone to my non-belief. I don’t care what anyone else believes, as long as they don’t try to force everyone else to accept their particular belief system.

This blog is called Conservative Skeptic. Being an atheist doesn’t have much to do with skepticism. As an atheist, I don’t believe in gods. So just by being an atheist, I’m a skeptic. But does that mean I may be defined generally a skeptic? Only in this one matter. No, I don’t believe in Ancient Aliens, or Bigfoot. I don’t believe that vaccines cause autism or that GMO’s are harmful for human consumption. And no, I don’t believe the government is hiding any of that from us.

I need to see actual proof of something to acknowledge it as true. The proof cannot be a book written by people that lived in the bronze/iron age. The people making any claim need to be able to produce data that support their contention. That’s what skepticism is all about.

Last evening, I was making dinner. It required tuna as a main ingredient. On the lid of the cans it was stated that this tuna was “Wild Caught” but it also stated “Non-GMO”.

What? Wild caught with no GMO’s. How exactly does that work? Who’s seeding the freaking ocean with GMO’s? How would that work any way? Virtue signaling. That’s all this was. I’m actually getting to the point that I won’t buy anything that states non-GMO. There’s not a single scientific study, to date, that shows that GMO’s are unhealthy.

I do know plenty of “skeptics”(atheists) that believe this nonsense. They are the same people that tell everyone to trust in science.

Science is not perfect, in fact, science have never made that claim. Science cannot provide every answer for life, it just explores the questions humans have had for thousands of years.

As an atheist, and a skeptic, I trust science over Google University. We all should.

2 thoughts on “Being an Atheist Does Not Make You a Skeptic

  1. I have only read two of your blogs. I notice, you seem to take a strange approach. “I am, but not exactly.” (not quoting you, but that is my take.) We both know that after the “no god” conclusion, it is a free-for-all. Who cares? You seem to know many “that believe….” (whatever). Do you feel like you are an enigma because you make a claim to a position (atheism) where most others are not conservative? I am left of you (I think), yet I concur with much (if not all) of what you say. You did say, “So just by being an atheist, I’m a skeptic.” I’m confused.


    • As an atheist, I’m a skeptic in one thing only, that being I say “no” to believe in any god. As a whole however, that alone does not make me skeptic. A skeptic is someone that requires proof for claims. For instance, I know Christians that I would consider skeptics. Of course they believe in God, and Jesus, but not in bigfoot, or “Ancient Aliens”, or the Loch Ness Monster. In just that way, they too are skeptics.


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