No, Atheism Is Not Another Religion

I’m so tired of this argument with Christians: NO! Atheism is not a religion. Just today on Twitter I saw a thread concerning this and even though I’ve had similar dialogues in the past, it still has me shaking my head and how dense so people are.

The basic argument from Christians seems to be that it takes as much or more faith to not believe in God than to believe. I don’t think these people actually understand the definition of the word faith in the context of religion.

The same people also say that atheists ignore the evidence without actually stating what that evidence actually is. I know plenty of atheists, myself included, that would actually welcome actual proof of the existence of God, but every time I ask for this proof, I get an answer so obfuscated that it defies any semblance of reason.

Argument from Bible verses is all I seem to receive and it’s what I notice others get as well. It’s analogous to atheists claiming there is no God because Richard Dawkins said so in The God Delusion. I won’t speak for every atheist, but I certainly don’t quote Dawkins in any debate on the subject of God with believers.

Another argument made by Christians that atheism is a religion is of our faith or belief in science. I don’t have either although I will say I trust science more than I do a bronze age book. Why do I trust science? Its simple: science is the exploration for truth and makes no claim without demonstrable, reproducible, evidence.

This is why I won’t venture into a discussion on the existence of God; It’s a futile exercise. Atheists cannot understand how Christians justify their belief without any proof and Christians cannot fathom that their faith is just that: a proposition without proof.

5 thoughts on “No, Atheism Is Not Another Religion

  1. whenever you have a group of idiots telling another group of idiots that the god they are worshiping is imaginary then you are a religion. Just because you worship your own hubris doesn’t mean you are not a religious zealot.


  2. What I’ve always liked about the “atheism is just another religion” claim is that it essentially boils down to “you’re as bad as we are.” Of course, some of those making this absurd claim will deny that Christianity is a religion.

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  3. We don’t have “faith” or “belief” in science – what we have is “confidence” – confidence that things will happen the same weay every time. Faith, when used by the god-botherers in this context , is not what I understanfd faith to mean.


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