Is Atheism a Choice?

I was recently reading a older post from

my friend vjack. The title of the post is, The Question on Whether Atheism is a Choice. Its short and won’t take a lot of time to read but the post is interesting in that it asks the question.

I have written before that atheism is a conclusion, something that at least most of us that are atheists, come to realize over time. But does that constitute a choice? I don’t believe so in that, at least in my experience, I didn’t go to sleep one evening as an Evangelical and wake up the next morning and suddenly decide I am an atheist.

I actually don’t think that if at some point in my life if someone asked me whether I preferred to be a Christian or an atheist I would actually choose the later.

Of course, I am only able to speak for myself and would never presume the motivations for anyone else. I have written about it, but the examples I provided may not be everyones experience.

There’s actually no logical reason in my mind why anyone would consciously choose to be an atheist. We are the most disliked minority in the country. Why would anyone choose that? We’d have to be masochists, wouldn’t we?

Each of us have our own reasons and experience as to why, over time, we come to atheism. Maybe some did make it a choice, but I have my doubts. I think that even those that would affirm their atheism as a choice, if they stopped and thought for few minutes would discover that it was a process that took time and that they came to atheism as a conclusion and not a conscious choice.

By the way, if you’re not following my friend vjack on Twitter (see the link at the beginning of this post) you should.

One thought on “Is Atheism a Choice?

  1. Thanks for the mention. I think you hit the nail on the head when you asked why anyone would choose to be a member of the most disliked minority group in the U.S. Some of us make the choice to identify ourselves as atheists, but that is very different about choosing to believe in gods or not.

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