Facebook? Maybe

I’ve been thinking about expanding my Internet presence. The idea is to be able to use other forms of social media to have more views here. Several years ago, I had a Google+ account and it may have helped to attract a few more viewers. I also, for a short time, had a paper.li account. Although I can’t be certain if that did anything for readership here, its another vehicle.

I started thinking about this because of a recent post from another blogger I read regularly.

Several years ago, for a very short time, I had a Facebook account but it was before I started writing this blog and to be honest, I really didn’t know what to do with it. I really wasn’t interested in posting a lot of personal information to that platform so, after a few months, I deleted my account.

I don’t know how much of a hassle it would be to set up as a conduit to my blog, so I’ll need to do a little research first. Google+, as I recall, was fairly easy and I might just start with that for now.

Having more views sometimes means having more comments on particular posts as well. I have sometimes had ideas for another post come from comments.

So, just something to consider for now and depending on the overall hassle of setup and managing, I might go ahead a create a Conservative Skeptic Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Facebook? Maybe

  1. Setting up a Facebook page isn’t difficult and will likely drive much more traffic than Google+. I think that Google+ can be helpful in indirectly bringing some added search engine traffic, so I wouldn’t abandon it completely.


    • I was looking at Facebook a while ago and I think I need to set up the account as “celebrity, band or business”, is that right? It’s only going to be this blog and I don’t want it directly associated with me personally.


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