Virtue Signaling as a Business Plan

I don’t know why these things continue to happen or why some people believe it’s a good idea. I referring to the recent incident in the Washington D.C. area where a restaurant refused to seat or serve Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family. I’ve already written a post about, the very same week, DHS Secretary Nielsen being driven out of a Mexican restaurant by protestors. What’s amazing to me is how proud that manager was and how unrepentant the owners have been in the latest incident.

Good. What both establishments have done, without probably realizing it, is placed a sign on the entrance to their businesses saying No Trump Supporters Will Be Served.

There’s been a bit of an outcry from the right about both of these and I can’t blame them. Imagine if Josh Earnest, President Obama’s last Press Secretary had been refused service at a local restaurant because he worked for Obama. It would have been major news for days.

Some, in fact many on the right I’ve seen are calling for a boycott of both of these business. I don’t support boycotts in any fashion in these instances. Why? Well, they just created their own boycott. How could they possibly know how many of their customers are Trump supporters unless those people wore a shirt or MAGA cap. Well, they can’t know for sure and although both owners might be feeling virtuous today, it’s hard to know in the short term how their virtue signaling will affect their bottom line.

I believe however, that over time it will whether from Trump supporters or others. These actions might get them a kudo or two in the media immediately, but then there are bills to pay, payroll to meet…

I wouldn’t have dinner at either of these places, and it has nothing to do with whatever political views I have or don’t have. I go to restaurants to have a nice time with friends or family, not to witness someone being hectored by the management or staff; Someone that has done nothing to them personally to deserve that embarrassment.

We live in a country where people are free to be stupid. I’ve always supported that and will continue to do so.





3 thoughts on “Virtue Signaling as a Business Plan

  1. I am having a hard time seeing how this sort of thing is good for anyone on either side. We are already living in different worlds with less and less overlap and seeing the consequences of doing so. Now I suppose we’ll need to have pro-Trump and anti-Trump restaurants to go along with everything else.


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