There’s No Atheist Schism

When I write here, especially on any subject that has anything to do with atheism, I’m not speaking from a

ny authority. Those that read this blog are welcome to agree or disagree with whatever I write. In fact, for those that are regulars, I don’t moderate comments. I know that’s unusual but as long as someone is not offensive to me or another commenter, I don’t block anyone’s speech.

When I speak here, I’m speaking from my own experience and possibly of other atheists I know. Mainly however, anyone reading this blog reads my thoughts and opinions and no one else. I don’t think of atheism as a community, nor do I see it as a movement. I know i may be in a minority here when I say that, but atheism for me is personal.

The decision I made years ago was just that: personal. I think that many reading this would agree. Some may not. That’s okay. Everyone’s journey to atheism is different. For me, it was many years of doubt, doubt I couldn’t reconcile in my mind. It may have been much simpler for others.

My objective here is not to convince anyone, but to have people think for themselves.I have never bought into the idea that all atheists should hold the same ideals. The only glue that we have, if we could be considered a community (which we’re not), is that we don’t believe in god(s).

Do atheists have an identity? No, we don’t. All of us are different in our politics and culture. Does this mean we can never come together?

I reject the idea of a schism in atheism. There’s not an atheist schism, but a political/social schism which has nothing to do with atheism. Again, atheists are individuals and although most (90%) claim to be liberal/progressive in their political or social viewpoints, how could there be a schism within atheism?

Yes, that was sarcasm. And yet there are those that are atheists that want to divide us on political or social issues. I reject all of those people. Atheism has nothing to do with anyone’s particular beliefs outside of atheism.

As where I stand? I’m not here to attempt to change anyone’s liberalism into conservatism. I don’t care. What’s most important for me is that atheists stand up and reject any attempt to move us toward a theistic society, whether that is Christianity or Islam.

Its time for atheists to move beyond their own personal biases and consider society as a whole.

We can’t change the world, but we have a voice, ever so small, that has the ability to influence policy.

Instead of arguing amongst ourselves, let’s argue for rationality and reason.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Atheist Schism

  1. I thought to myself, how could anyone believe that a man went into a cave and came out reciting the law from God. Everyone knows that Moses went to the mountain…. Oh.. Wait… Nevemind.
    That’s how it went for me. I do believe that Islam is the worst, however.
    Robert Smith
    Chattanooga, TN


    • Consider there are folks here that want to overturn Roe v Wade and also would like the court to reconsider same sex marriage. As a conservative, it appalls me. There are those in our own country that wouldn’t mind at all if. we became theistic. That would not make us any better than Islamic countries.


  2. If there is a schism (or a whole bunch of them) among people who are atheists, how should we refer to them? I suppose we could talk about political schisms among atheists and this might work for those that are mostly political in nature. My guess is that this will be a tough sell simply because it ends up being a somewhat less efficient way to communicate.


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