I’ve Registered My Own Domain


I did it! I’ve registered my own domain and for those of you that have me bookmarked as “consskep.wordpress.com” it’s just now consskep.com.


I admit I was a bit cranky with WordPress but it turned out to be an easy process. I’m not a Web guy, my expertise is in telecommunications.

If you’re subscribed, you don’t have to change anything. You’ll still be notified to new posts.

What this gives me is the opportunity to further customize this site to make it more user friendly to my readers.

I hope you’ll always come back to read and comment (BTW, comment editing is now there was well – thank you Ann).

Let’s talk!



4 thoughts on “I’ve Registered My Own Domain

  1. Yay!

    This is good news.

    Hey, consskep, what’s your name anyway?

    You may have already deduced that my name is “Ann”
    — or as my friends call me — “Ann”
    — or (sulking) as they SHOULD call me — “Your Highness.”

    • To most Humans, I’m known as their Father in Heaven. To a few friends, I’m knoen as Your Majesty. But you msy call me Jim.

      • Hahaha!

        Thanks, Jim.

        Err … I hope this initial answer is not the start of a precedent where you always best me.

        Anyway, just know that it will be a hollow victory for you.
        I’m famous for being not funny.

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