The Supreme Court and Judicial Temperment


I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about Judge Bret Kavanaugh since President Trump nominated him last evening to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. I’ve seen a lot of the here we go again types of articles, focusing on his religious belief and that he would be the 5th vote on the court to overturn Row v. Wade if it ever came up before the court.

I don’t know what people expect in any nominee for Supreme Court, should the president have appointed an atheist? That would work for me but I seriously doubt an atheist would get any votes for confirmation in the Senate.

I’m more concerned about the nominee’s record, which is extensive over the 12 years he has been on the D.C. Court of Appeals. What were the cases that he voted with the majority and even more important I think are those cases where he dissented .

A major concern for me personally is his view on government spying on its citizens and the 4th Amendment.  It seems that Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t think that amendment applies to the NSA and has said as much here. Disturbing.  I’m expecting him to be questioned about it during his confirmation hearing.

Before anyone loses their mind over his nomination though, we should all wait to learn more about his decisions and dissents as we most likely will over the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “The Supreme Court and Judicial Temperment

    • Yankee blue blood Protestants are employed by venerable private law firms billing thousands of dollars an hour. They are not courtroom lawyers.

      It is Catholic and Jewish lawyers who work in the public sector as DAs and trial lawyers.
      They take those positions at a much smaller rate of pay because they are not welcome in the upper strata law firms.

      But working in courtrooms is what gets them appointed to judge, and a few of them move higher and higher until a couple reach even the Supreme Court.


      • Okay. I’ve looked at this comment several times and I’m not really certain as to the point you’re making.


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