Has Atheist Writing Lost its Luster?


Heh. It seems lately I start to write on a topic and then a few paragraphs in, decide that I really don’t want to write on that particular subject.  Sometimes it’s because I can’t really decide where I want to go with it, but most of the time, it just seems like we’ve all seen this again and again and as an atheist, I’d like to find something new to discuss.

Does anything that even comes up in the news, as to religion – Christianity in particular –  any different than what any of us have read or heard in the past? I don’t think so. How does writing about the same topics enlighten anyone?

An example is a tweet I saw late this afternoon from an obvious Christian which encouraged Christians to become more politically involved because they haven’t been in the past. Really? Okay, I know I could write a few hundred words about that simple tweet by itself but I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed religious interference in the political process on more than one occasion. Not to mention that it’s laughable.

I look for news that might spark my readers interest, but it’s getting difficult to be continually outraged over, well, nothing. I think readers become bored after a while and often don’t get past the first paragraph because they’ve seen it all before if not here, then on other atheist websites.

None of this means I’ll give up, nor do I believe anyone else will, but at least for me, I am looking for a new direction to take my atheist writing. I’ve been spending  some time thinking about it but to date, haven’t nailed anything down just yet.

I guess what I’m getting at is maybe atheists need to redefine ourselves somewhat. What that is and where it would lead I have no idea and I’m not referring to our disbelief in god(s), or even for some, social justice or humanism.

Maybe there’s nothing there and I continue on the track I’ve been on. That’s okay, but I’d like to be able to give readers something extra that is not usually seen on atheist sites.

I’ll keep looking and of course, I’m always willing to take suggestions for topics. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to diversify a bit so readers may se a bit more on current events. That never seems to become boring these days.

5 thoughts on “Has Atheist Writing Lost its Luster?

  1. One can argue theology all day long and never get anywhere with the believing monotheists. Rather than theology I think they have to be hit with biology, and their claim of resurrection. Believers have been hooked on the dream that they are special and will not really die. They will believe what they like, just don’t lie to the children. This dream of glory, salvation, heaven and eternity; they have been expecting for 2000 years. It is a scam. The greatest and silliest in human history. It their afterlife baloney were just about them,it wouldn’t matter so much, but they believe their magical dream story applies to everyone and they have this End of Times scenario that they are trying to bring to fruition. Resurrection is a delusion! GROG


  2. Hey, Jim ~

    If you think that ” atheists need to redefine ourselves somewhat,” then how about this topic:

    I claim that the self-description of “agnostic atheist” is logically meaningless.
    And anyway, it’s just a trick to try to disguise their agnosticism by stapling it to the word “atheist.”

    Would you care to refute me on this?

    Also, I can demonstrate irrefutably that god does not exist in fact and cannot exist even in principle.

    Want to shoot some holes in this bulletproof logical demonstration?


    • “If you are an Agnostic and you don’t accept the theistic claims then you are, by common usage an Atheist”— I quoted that as someone else said it, I wish I could give that person credit but I don’t remember who it was 🙂


  3. I think we’ve all struggled with this at some point, and I won’t pretend to have found any answers. What I am trying to do more of these days is write when I feel inspired to do so and not to worry so much about whether what I’m writing is narrowly focused on atheism. This sometimes means that I write about things that have nothing to do with atheism, and I’m okay with that even though it often brings complaints from the Facebook crowd.


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