Put an End to the Abuse


I’ve been wavering on whether or not to write again about the Catholic Church and the child abuse scandal in Pennsylvania, but I decided I needed to because if some of us don’t continue to shine a light on it, and not just in Pennsylvania but elsewhere, then this  story will just disappear, as it has already begun to.

It’s exactly what the Catholic Church wants, by the way. Sure there’s some initial outrage and calls for prosecutions, but then after a couple of weeks, we’ll see nothing more about it in the media and even though the Church has promised that, this time, we’ll take action, nothing will change. It never has.

I actually began writing a follow up rant to my first post on this but decided to just save it for another day. Why? I’m fairly certain that in the not too distant future, I’ll be able to resurrect it and just change the when and where and it will be perfectly valid.

I’ve seen calls for a national commission, but I don’t actually see that doing any good because a commission may make recommendations, after meeting about it for a few years, but they have no way to ensure that anything recommended becomes law and of course, a commission has no law enforcement authority, as a Grand Jury does. Right now, there’s nothing that the Federal government can do other than what I suggested in the earlier post: change the statute of limitations on rape and force the individual states to adopt the same.

But I think our politicians are as eager as the Church for this to disappear from the headlines. And by next week, unless there’s some new development from Pennsylvania, it will. How dare we plebeians expect our elected officials to do something to protect children from predators.

It’s we that allow these abuses to continue as are voices grow silent. Let’s not be silent about child sexual abuse any longer.

2 thoughts on “Put an End to the Abuse

  1. I’m glad you decided to write about it again. I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. The outrage has already died out much more quickly than I thought it would, and many people seem eager to move on.


    • The outrage in cases like this always seems to disappear quickly. The media moves on, and never returns to followup on the story. Until the next time it happens. Then everyone is outraged again. It’s a never ending cycle.


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