Giving The Catholic Church a ‘By’



I’ve been writing about the abuses in the Catholic Church for a while. Just do a search from the Home Page here using “Catholic Church” and you’ll discover at least seven posts since the middle of August. This will the the eighth. What I don’’t understand is what appears to be the lack of outrage over these abuses and it seems like every few weeks or months, another one is discovered. Of course it’s easy to ignore because of the news cycle. within seventy-two hours after initial reports, the latest outrage has virtually disappeared. I would think that the sheer number of abuse victims – including Nuns – would keep these stories front and center if not with the media, then the general public.

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It’s No Longer Just Children in the Catholic Church



I recently viewed a tweet that said: Can we label them a criminal organization yet? The reason I mention that tweet is it is precisely what I was thinking at the time. How much does it take for the government, any government, to stand up and not just take notice, but to prosecute what more and more seem to be referring to as a criminal organization?   I’m not naive enough to believe  that anything substantial will ever happen, but maybe someday, someone will  decide to take a stand a shut down this corrupt organization.

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More Revelations About Catholic Priest Abuse of Children



I know I said at one time I was going to continue to write about the Catholic Church and the abuses, over decades, of children. I’ve been negligent. It’s not as if in the interim that the church has come out and blamed the victims or that more recently, blamed gay priests for all of the abuses over time.  I found in both of those instances how little, if any media coverage those outrageous statements received in the media. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might tend to believe that media are covering for child abusers.

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God? Not So Much



How many gods are there? Well, of course an atheist would say that number is zero, but there are those that worship a variety of deities, some, like in Hinduism, much older (depending on the scholarship) of either Judaism or of course Christianity. There are still practitioners of Zoroastrianism  in the Middle East, which is over 3,000 years old.  It seems that even in ancient Israel, the land of one god, in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE, people were still worshipping other gods, as have been found in archeological excavations and described in The Bible Unearthed.

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The Catholic Church Needs to Take Responsibility


When I wrote the post recently, The Devil Made Me Do It, I mentioned that it was based on a tweet I had seen that was about the Pope saying that the problems in the church today are due to Satan attacking it.  I really didn’t want to discuss that at   in that post, just wanted to use it to move forward something we see all the time with the faithful: The devil is always out there making us do things we don’t want to do.

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