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Lately, I’ve been attempting to discover how to increase the clicks on this site. I’m not generally disappointed, I don’t have the reach of others that have been writing for a lot longer than I have, and I realize it takes some amount of time – years even – to build a loyal readership.

I actually look sometimes to other bloggers who’ve been doing this for a while for advice and I always receive encouragement, as well as really good advice on what I may need to do to increase readership. I don’t try to force myself to write. I’ve found that when I do, I just can’t seem to come up with anything in particular I want to blog about.

Usually, my writing is about something I’ve recently read, or I’ve seen on TV, or just from a conversation I’ve had with another person.  There aren’t any topics off limits, but I attempt to not blog about subjects that are too controversial – but I have in the past and I will probably continue to do so when the mood strikes me.

It’s always good to get advice from more experienced bloggers. For instance, over at Atheist Revolution, Jack is actually writing a series (here, and here, for starters) on how to increase clicks by doing a few simple things. I’ve taken them into hand and actually made changes where it was appropriate to ensure that when people see this blog, or a reference to it, they know what they’re getting(e.g., adding a specific Twitter bio, changing the background on Twitter to the same as this site).

As to specific posts, it’s easy to determine. I can view my statistics daily to see which post, or posts, have received the most clicks. I can also look weekly and monthly at the same. This sometimes  tells me what topics readers are more interested in seeing. I say sometimes because I may post some thoughts that I think, based on those stats, people are going to read, and not get the clicks I thought I might.  Other times, I will post something that is just what I call a “throwaway”, something just off the top of my head, nothing particularly spectacular in writing or thought process, that will get huge (for me) numbers of views.

Mostly, I wrote about what interests me, hoping that it may interest someone else as well. If it does, that’s good, especially when what I post elicits comments, but I just look to provide the best content I am able to on any particular day. I used to post several times a day, but that has become increasingly difficult to do (time constraints) and just blathering 5 or more times a day doesn’t necessarily do anything to increase traffic.

The main advice that I always receive is just to keep at it. Don’t worry so much about the numbers because they will eventually appear. As I linked above, yes, there are things I can do to make this site more recognizable and hopefully attract people to stop by daily. I agree with all of that. I write here because I like to, not that I think I have some particular mission to inform others of my opinion about anything.

If you’re a regular visitor here, thank you and I hope you’ll continue to come back. Please let your friends know as well, if you like. If you’re new here, please come back as you are able.  No matter, I’ll still be here for the foreseeable future.

7 thoughts on “A Blog About Blogging

  1. So…why do you blog? Is it for personal satisfaction? Is it just an online diary? Are you hoping for something more? Honestly, it used to be just a sort of online diary thrust out into the ether to make a mark attesting to one’s existence. I guess it has become a lot more, though. Does blogging pay for itself, cost or bring in income? Honest questions, because I don’t know.

    I used to click on the notify me buttons each time, but I have never gotten any notices, so I stopped. And I thought there was a place for getting new blogs straight to your email, or is that some other place I visited…

    Oh, I see a sign telling me I can earn money from “my” WordPress site, so I guess there is some pay off for blogging and attracting readers. Not sure how that works.

    Well…kudos to you for keeping at it. Thanks for offering this opportunity for commenting on your thoughts. Thanks to Jack for leaving the link at “The Atheist Conservative.”


    • I started blogging several years ago as a way to just speak about atheism/skepticism online – beyond social media. Bloggong doesn’t pay me anything actually. I implemented the “ads” feature a few months ago and I’ve made a total of $2.68 since May. I’m considering shutting it off because it bugs me as well.

      there is a place, on the homepage, where you can subscribe to get notifications via email, of new posts.


  2. Ha! I had no idea I had a WordPress account. How many years ago did I make it? Now I can “like” replies and I clicked those “notify me” buttons again. I feel so ….young and gay. But, that word means I am old enough to appreciate it’s original meaning. LOL

    Oh wait! It’s me, Jeanne.


    • Well, I thought by enabling ads I might get enough to pay for the WordPress hosting fee. This blog doesn’t garner that much attention, therefore, not much in ad revenue or people that want to advertise here. I just turned if off at bit ago. Why trash up the page with useless junk?


      • It might be worth trying Google’s AdSense as an alternative to the WordPress ads you were running. The numbers are not usually great from week-to-week, but they can add up over the course of a year.


  3. Keep writing the “throwaway posts.” I am often surprised by how well these posts do, especially when it comes to search engine traffic. It also reminds me how lousy I am at predicting what people are going to like.


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