The Kavanaugh Effect

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I wanted to go ahead and give some final thoughts on the conformation of Bret Kavanaugh as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. Even after the vote this past Saturday, there was a lot of anguish among many about what this appointment will mean going forward. Here’s my take: not a lot.

I was not surprised to notice that the usual suspects here, the atheist or atheist affiliated organizations, were all  predicting doom and gloom. Why? Well, they believe he’s going to be pivotal in church/state separation cases and that he will end up be a deciding vote in cases concerning separation, to the court.

It’s clear that none of these have read a single decision he’s made over the last 12 years, sitting on the circuit court of D.C. Yes, he believes in religious freedom – meaning the right to worship – but does not appear to be in favor of throwing out the 1st Amendment. That should be heartening, but it doesn’t seem to matter to those that already had their minds made up, the day he was nominated.

He’s also not going to vote to turn back civil rights, whether they are racial minority rights or LGBTQ. I know that there’s a lot of fear that a court that leans conservative is going to take the country back to Jim Crow, and force the gay community back in the closet, but there’s no evidence of such in any of his writing.

I don’t think any of this really had to do with Justice Kavanaugh though, it really is about President Trump, who the left still believe was illegitimately  elected in 2016. The reason that many department and agency positions have not been filled? The Democrats in the Senate continue to find methods to obstruct, hold up these appointments, with the goal of preventing Trump from implementing policy. That’s all there is to any of this.

Oh, and the Merritt Garland canard they like to throw out? How many people know that Garland and Kavanaugh, sitting on the same court for years, voted together 93% of the time? What does this say about those who claim that Kavanaugh will vote to take away civil rights and tear down the wall of separation? It says a couple of things:

Kavanaugh is not the far-right, anti-civil libertarian he’s made out to be, or

Garland, the flag that the left waves too often attempting to delegitimize the court, is.

See how that works?

A few of the decisions I read and no I didn’t try to read all 307, were about government regulatory overreach. The reason this happens is that Congress will write and pass bills to implement a policy, but within those laws, they leave it up to individual agencies to implement regulations. That’s the job of Congress, not unelected bureaucrats because as administrations change, so do those regulations. This is where I see Justice Kavanaugh’s greatest impact.

None of what I’ve seen from the far left during or since the confirmation vote, bodes well for the Democrats next month. What they are counting on is that voters will have short memories and that the circus the Democrats orchestrated from day one will fade as quickly as the news media moves on. But that’s not being seen anywhere, just as when Clinton, in 2016, referred to Trump voters as deplorables in September 2016, voters still remembered when they were at the polls.

Red wave?  Nope. Blue wave? Hardly. At this point, with the shenanigans by the left and those continuing, Democrats will be lucky if they pick up the House. My prediction? It’s a toss up right now.

4 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh Effect

  1. The truly sad effect of the hearings is that families and friendships have been destroyed or pushed to the breaking point over them. If you are a Democrat, you are thought to be in favor of all the despicable tactics used by the Democrats in Congress, but you dares not speak such heresy because it will cause Democratic friends and family to disown you, question your intelligence, you morality, etc. If you are a Republican, you may spout all the nastiness you want about people who acted like rabid Democrats, while assuming the worst about your Democrat family and friends and neighbors.

    The further and more devastating effect is that all this has worked to divide to impossible distance, our nation’s citizenry. For the record, Jim Crow Laws are Democrats’ territory. A nice article about them here:

    It has always seemed to me that the Left plays up the fear that a Conservative Supreme Court will undo the case that made abortion legal, Roe vs Wade. It was a bad ruling in the first place, but I do not think they would overturn it before ruling on a law that would still allow abortions in the US.

    Since Obama and the degeneration of the Democrat Party into raving maniacal fear-mongers who encourage violence and harassing of Republicans, Conservatives and those who support the current President, I am hard pressed to be unafraid for the future of my county.


    • All I’m saying in the post is that Kavanaugh is not the Evil right-winger that he’s been portrayed as by Democrats. Also, that the Democrats have overplayed a very bad hand in this game and that I do not see them taking either house of Congress next month because of it. That will, of course, encourage more outrage – and violence – from the left which will inevitably place them in a permanent minority.

      And yes, I know that Jim Crow is a relic of the Democrats. It’s why it’s funny that they are the ones that keep claiming conservatives want this, don’t you think?


      • I figured you knew that about the Jim Crow Laws. Thought some readers might not and so posted the link.

        This hearing has left a bad taste in voter’s mouths and it may well impact Democrat candidates and not just those running for a Congressional seat. It will be too bad if voters choose to vote against good candidates at any level just to keep Congress in Rep. hands or to prove a point. We have supported our Republican Congressman for a couple of terms, but the Democrat challenger has bi-partisan support and ours, as well. I hope the voters here won’t be swayed by current events to keep a man who has ignored us and lost the minimal contact with his constituents he had in the beginning of his tenure.

        In the election of 2014, our area lost more than a few good public servants, who had the misfortune to be Democrats.


  2. Since the inauguration of President Trump, & since the confirmation of Kavanaugh, I’ve never seen such disgraceful conduct by the Dem party. I vote against anyone who thinks a violent, public temper tantrum is a valid response when democracy doesn’t go their way. Like the Trump protesters, & the Supreme Court protesters. And I will always vote against them by voting for what they don’t want even if I don’t want it either.


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