Do I Blog Too Much?

Just a quick thought for today. I didn’t blog for the last 2 days, I was a bit under the weather. Nothing bad, but as everyone knows, you just become less amenable to do those tasks that are not imminent than otherwise. I did start, then stop during that time a couple of posts but because the OTC medicine I was taking, I couldn’t place two thoughts in sequence.

What was surprising to me is that, during those two days, as I looked back today, I recieved more views on this site than I did the previous tewo days. Combined. I’m now wondering if I blog too much? I can’t say for sure, but it’s curious.

Blogging not’s difficult, any/all of us that do this on a regular basis can always come up with a topic to discuss. But what about those days when we don’t add any original content? DO people come back just to see if there is domething new, or are they just regular readers that will search the archive?

In this case, people came and looked through my archive, going back to when I started blogging in 2012. That’s good. People that want to get to know me, insted of just reading one or two previous posts, can find out what I am really aboout by going back six years.

I’m not nearly as popular as some other atheist/skeptic bloggers, and I didn’t start this blog becaue I wanted to be a star on the Internet. It’s about my thoughts on various topics that I hoped may be interesting to at least some. It is.

Thanks you for continuing to come here. As always, your comments, positive or negative are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Do I Blog Too Much?

  1. I’m sorry to hear you weren’t completely up to par.
    I hope you’re A-OK now.

    You don’t blog too much.
    I missed you when you didn’t pop up in my mailbox.
    It always makes me happy to see a post from you.


  2. Taking some time off can provide some interesting insights. I have seen some similar patterns when I look at my traffic data after not positing for a bit. There is usually a bit of a traffic dip if I take more than a few days off, but the search engine traffic tends to be fairly stable and happens whether I’m posting or not. I think the only one who can determine whether you are posting too much is you.


    • Jim, when I post comments somewhere (Where?), I get a little banner that says I’m using my WordPress account.

      But I can’t seem to post directly to your blog.

      I have in mind right now a coma-inducing essay about abortion, and I’d love to write it up for publication here. One problem is that I am so low-tech that looking at my emails is a challenge and I have to enlist a small child to turn the damn computer on or even stick the ear buds in my ears.
      (Am I the only person on the entire planet who didn’t know they come in Right and Left?)

      Anyway, what should I do?


      • I have to invite you to be an author in order for you to be able to post. I did send you an invite a while back. Do you still have it where you can accept or do I need to resend?


    • I tend to agree. When I intially started here, I used to post 4-5 times a day. and of course the traffic here was good, even for a small, unknown person. When I came back, after more than a year off, I decoded that 1 post per day would be sufficent. But sometimes, more is better. I mat start, and I have already, posting more than once per day.


  3. I am new to the site last couple of weeks but I look forward to the blog entries each morning since finding the site. I think you should do it when you are compelled to do so whether it is daily or once or twice a week. The key component in my opinion is the substance itself. Appreciate the perspective of another skeptic conservative.


  4. I have two blogs I check when I get online; here and The Atheist Conservative. If no new blog is posted, I check later. I can’t get this site to send me emails of new posts, blogs.

    I would guess that if you get traffic when you don’t blog that there are other conservative atheists out there, who are as desperate as I to read something enlightening and interesting on a site where such critters can feel at home.


    • I’d like to send you an inviation to blog here. Your comments alone deserve more space and notice. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or just whenever, is okay with me. More voices. How can that be bad?


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