A Call For Contrubtors


I’ve thought about this for a long time. I think it would be interesting for my readers to hear other voices. Of course my main interest is atheism and skepticism, I also write about other topics that happen to capture my attention at the time. I don;t receive a hge number of xomments, but of those I do, they are thoughtful and well considered whether they agree with me or not.

So I thought I might ask for some, those that are regular readers here, to be a contributor  to this blog. That’s right, you can, instead of writng a comment on a post I write, bring your thougts  to fruition in a blog post.

I don’t care whether you are left/center/right in your politics, as long as you repsect the thoughts of others: meaning, no nasty posts abut those you happen to dislike. By nasty, I mean ad hominen attacks agsinst individuals or groups you disgree with. We can disagree with those that believe that which we do not without attacking them personally.

Use reason because although that won;’t convince everyone, it may change a few minds. In other owrds, try to be nice. We can be firnm in our opinions without being jerks.

So, if you’re interested, please use the contact form on the main page. Tell me what you’d like to write about. Although I’d prefer those writing about atheism and skepticism, it should be a free forum about what you consider important.

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrows post? You will just have to anticipate.


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