End Political Violence. Now.


We have a problem in this country, and it appears to me to be getting worse by the week. Recently, we heard or read about several bombs being sent to various Democrats, as well as a a major news organization. Speculation online has gone rampant and viral. That needs to stop. Whoever is responsible, I hope will be caught soon.  A long Federal prison sentence is awaiting.

The acts of harrassment, intimidation, and threats need to come to an end. I’’ve never seen in my entire life what we are all witnessing today – and I grew up in the 1960’s when  there was a lot of political violence, pushing over into the early, middle 1970’s.

But today, we even have politicians call for uncivil behavior, never before heard of at anytime in history. We’ve always had a method for people to register their discomfiture with government: the ballot. We have the right to express our disagreements every two years. But in the ;last two years,  we’ve been witness to acts of political violence and an attempt at mob rule, that has now gone over the top.

It doesn’t matter that the bombs were fake. In my opinion, it’s an act of terrorism. No matter the ideology of the perpetator(s), all of this needs to stop. Now.  We’ve gone from having civil disagreements betwwen political opponents to having people threatened, even attacked (Steve Scalise, Rand Paul) based on their political ideology.

Everyone in the news, well the anti-Trump media, blames the President for all of this but all we have to do is look and see that since his ignaguration, politicans and celebrities as well have made statements promoting violence.

It may be too late. I hope not. We’ve actually been lucky that no one, yet, has been killed. It’s coming though. I’m hoping that statement is wrong, but I fear it will become prescient.

Let’s all dial down the rhetoric. Want change? Vote. Want violence? I’ll be happy to watch your perp-walk to jail.




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