Yes, There Will Be Other Voices Here…Soon


So I put out a call for contributors for this blog, and I’ve actually had two that are interested. One has already accepted my invitation, the other, well, as I mentioned it requires having a WordPress account so we’ll see, but based on what he sent me, via the contact form, I don’t see that taking much time.

The one that’s already here is Ann, you may recall a few months ago she wrote a post here on the Logical Demonstration That God Does Not Exist. So you can expect some interesting posts from her.

How often? I don’t know, nor do I care. I will still continue to write daily, I just think it’s a good idea to hear other voices and instead of them having to start their own sites, why not just come here?

Of course, I’m not going to allow just anyone here: I need to know that what is being presented is in line with what this site is about. Not that there may not be disagreements – those are fine – it’s that I want this site to remain consistent overall.

WE, atheists and skeptics, need more voices. My goal here is to be able to provide some of those voices to be heard. ?I hope everyone will come back here, and notice that yes, we are diverse and have opinions that may be unpopular. That’s okay.

More voices. What can possibly be objectionable about that?

11 thoughts on “Yes, There Will Be Other Voices Here…Soon

  1. Hey!

    I totally commented already using my WordPress,com account, but already I am censored right off the board!

    (sulking) Microsoft hates me because I said my little godson (six years old) knows more than Microsoft, and Microsoft is older than six.

    Oops! Never mind.


    • Yay, Ann. Don’t know if I got invited or not. I cannot seem to get any notices from this site. I would gladly post in your blog, Consskep. But…I agree that more voices, not fewer is always the way to go, and why go anywhere else?


      • I figured you did. I am just not getting anything from this site and it isn’t in my spam/junk, either. It is going to my own email, yes? Not a world press email site or something?


      • I don’t have your personal email address so I sent it to your wordpress account. If you fill out/send me the contact form, it will have your email address and I can send the invitation there.


      • Oh, man… My WP account is so old that it uses an absolutely ancient email address, so I have added my current email address, which I have used for many years. I will try to find my WP account mailbox…? No wonder I haven’t been getting any notifications!


      • If you’ve updated your WP account, I’ll resend to it. Otherwise, send me a request via the CONTaCT form here on the main page.


  2. There are some here who could use exposure to formal epistemology. A lot of the things that are speculated on here are at the center of considerations about knowledge and have been treated spectacularly by professional scholars. I have read some views that could use some scrutiny. One big concept: certainty or skepticism in general. Read about the views of DesCartes, Gettier, Moore, Goldman, Quine, Williams…. so much ground has already been covered on this topic. Also, formal logic. People love to use the word, but often dont understand fundamentals. I hope this inspires someone to go at least have a look.


    • Conner, what is important to most is how the person blogging found her or his atheism, what they as intelligent people decide is the right path for them and how they reasoned themselves to an ethical code of conduct.

      I know reading ancient texts is important to some and I am always deeply impressed by their skill, as well as, their terrific memory. I don’t want to read such stuff and my memory sucks.

      As for formal logic, the tactics can be a truly depressing force toward discussion. If a person needs to be schooled in logical debate, using all the interesting terms and tools, then it has always made me wonder why the person cannot get there with common-sense and a personal form of reasoning, with which they can be comfortable and in which they can take pride.

      One should not have to be a “professional scholar” to have an intelligent discussion about deity belief or the lack thereof.



      • Some of those authors are still alive…. Im telling you that there are resources out there containging thoughts from people who hold jobs contigent on their insight, and you dont want to investigate because its too hard? You have to ask yourself how serious you are if you are willing to dismiss out of hand the views of people who have been thinking intensly about this subject for decades. The fact that you think common sense is a replacement for formal logic in this context is only an indication that you could benefit immensly from learning about it. I did not assert that anyone NEEDED to be a professional to have a discussion, but there has been a lot of ink spilled on things that people here are interested in. If you want to remain ignorant, that is your perogative I suppose.


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