Prayer Solves Nothing


Something I’ve always considered funny, even when I was a Christian myself are those people that pray for some financial outcome to their lives. there are people that go through hard timess. Many reading this may have at one time or another had a financial disaster occur to us and the question is, whst did we do?

I know what I did when seversl years ago, I was out of work and the prospects for getting a position inmy profession seemed bleak. I went out and applied everywhere. Well, I have to say thsat I never looked at fast-food restaurants but  beyond thst, I looked at working in a warehouse, loading and unloading trucks, just to make enough to pay bills.  I had a friend, a truck driver, thst got me a temporary position, for about 2 months, loading trucks going out for delivery.  Hard work.

After a few months of working one job after another, i finally got a full time position in my field. I never gave up, and I knew I needed to keep working, not feel sorry for myself. I knew there was no “God” out there to take care of my needs. What it always comes down to is the individual picking themselves up and making their own future.

There were, at that time a couple of Christians friends that tolsd me thst they would pray for me, my situation. Well, guess who received the credit when aafter a few months I had a new position? Not me. It was “To the Glory of God” that I received my new position and the time between was nothing more thasn a “test”. Really? Why would some loving god want to put any of his/her creation through such emotional turmoil to discover wheter or not he/she is faithful? Isn’t God supposedly omnicisent? Doesn;t God already know the outcone?Well, if you were ever a Christian, that’s exactly what you had always been taught

If I had laid around, praying to God for relief from my situation, well, I’d still be out of work and probably homeless.  Maybe praying gives the one a moment of silence, to calm down, relieve their panic of a situation and allow them to come to a decision – self made, on how to relieve that peoblem. I think it’s sort of like meditation that people tell me about. It’s a calming moment where someone can then clearly consider their life.

I see nothing wriong with stopping, taking a few deep breaths to calm down, and then consider some life situation, whatever it is. But expecting some God to solve it for you, seems ridiculous to me.  If thst were true, we’d hsve no homelss in this country., ‘we’d also have no one addicted to drugs,etc.

We can help one another, and we should. But no one can help another that doesn’t;t want to be helped.




One thought on “Prayer Solves Nothing

  1. Letting God solve problems is always a win-win scenario for Christians and that makes it a hard nut to crack. God’s Will is supreme and if he choses to allow you to “grow in your faith” through hard times or cancer, then a devout Christians correctly place themselves in his hands and praise him for whatever outcome there is.


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