We Need More Edifices That Support Mythology

biblical museum

I saw an article today, from of course a conservative website (hey! i’m a conservative and I peruse those sites!) that described a new museum opening in Washington D.C. No it has nothing to do with atheists, or Muslims, or Hindus. In fact it’s a museum that will perpetuate the falsehood that America is a Judeo- Christian Country.

It’s called the Biblical Museum and of course supports everything in the Old and New Testament.  It’s supposed to be a hit, but for whom I can’t quite discern. Well, of course for evangelicals that are desperate to validate their belief. Why not take a bronze-age story book and bring it to life. You know,  kind of like that Noah’s Ark thing, in Tennessee, that is losing so much money, they’ll soon have to move to the actual Mount Sinai to make any money at all.

It doesn’t appear that there were any public funds involved, which is good. But are they receiving any tax breaks  for this museum? The article isn’t clear but if we can go by recent history, The Ark, received tax benefits from the people of Tennessee. Even though that park was sold as an entertainment facility,, anyone with 2 brain cells knows it was a Christian propaganda project which should never have been granted any tax exemptions..

So my question is, where is the Museum of Grimm’s Fairy Tales? Isn’t that just as valid as having a museum based on a book that only celebrates a particular religious belief?  Where’s the influx of money for that? Can we get taxpayers to give a break to the Grimm Museum in the same way we do for The Ark? Something I’d actually like to see is a museum that celebrates Hinduism. I think it is the most fascinating religion currently practiced. But would they get a tax break as well? How about a museum that teaches/describes Islam? Good luck with either of those.

But we can always find money, and even taxpayer dollars to support another mythology. It’s time to put an end to taxpayer support, if it exists at all, for any and all of these. Whatever someone wants to believe is okay with me, just don’t expect me, through tax breaks, or even direct government support, to approve of it.

Maybe those Christians can get together and create their own version of Disneyland, with their ark, Jesus walking on water, Moses parting the Red Se, maybe even Joshua taking down Jericho. David killing Goliath, or any of the other myths within the bible. Of course the most viewed will be Adam and Eve.

Those darn Christians just won’t get enough of two naked people walking around a garden.




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