What Are Atheists Thankful For?


During the holiday season, atheists are often asked what we are thankful for since we have no belief in any god, why do we even celebrate either Thanksgiving or Christmas? Over the years I have to say for myself that the question has become annoying. It seems that to many there is no reason for an atheist to be thankful for anything. What does a beliief in a god have to do with thankfulness?

Yes, I know that people thank their god for their health and prosperity over the last year, and for their families as well. But why does that take a belief in a god to be thankful? It’s that many believe that their god has watched over them and that their continued worship will make the next year even better. Aren’t there believers though who’ve not done as well, have been through a tragedy, or something else that’s been negative for them? It doesn’t take some god to be thankful for making ends meet, just survuving the last year.

Atheists are thankful for the same things believers are, the exception is that we don’t give credit to any god for our year. We love and cherish our families, we remember the  bad as well as the good that has occurred, and we are thankful to our family and friends for being who they are. No god is required.

So, as we navigate this holiday season, don’t forget those that have been there in a time of need, or those that have celebrated with us the good that has happened. Be thanksul to all of those people and remember that without that support, we’d have no need for any of this.


4 thoughts on “What Are Atheists Thankful For?

  1. The word is grateful.

    Who do I thank for my heart disease? I am grateful to science and the medical profession for all it has (they have) done for me.
    Who do I thank for my PAD. I am still wowed by the advances in medicine since my father had this.
    Who do I thank for my cancer? The list of names is so, so, so long; and then there are all the researchers and other patients who share their experiences, strength of knowledge, and hope.

    If you read this, thank you.

    If I ever meet god, I shall make inquiries about the disease issues.


  2. Maybe these Christians do not know what it is like to experience feelings of gratitude toward other people. They are quick to thank their god but might have trouble seeing the good in others.


  3. That’s because the ONLY good in others comes from God, just as ALL evil comes from Satan.

    But, even when Satan seems to win, he really doesn’t, because God is the only one in control of a Christian’s life, so it is always a win-win scenario for God. A Christian with Satan-induced cancer dies from the disease, well God actually “took that Christian home” because he no longer wanted him to suffer. And, of course, “going home” is the ultimate gift from God/Jesus, while cancer deaths help others to appreciate God or fit into God’s plan for humanity, and those chosen people should be thankful that God saw fit to use them for the greater glory of His plan.

    Thanks for this blog, Jim.

    Other than that, just how grateful/thankful are we mere humans for this tortured ball of gas and rock on which we get to try to survive? Pretty damned thankful, say I.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, even though we don’t get to thank God, we can still be mighty grateful.



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