Happy Thanksgiving!


I may be a little spotty posting this week. Here in the U.S. it’s Thanksgiving wee where we have family and friends gather together to have some really good food, and of course, wonderful interactions with those same we love.

As a single parent, for me, it’s a busy few days. I want to make sure that everything is perfect for my daughter. I will.  In the meantime, you may see a a post or two, but then there may be a day where I’ve posted nothing, I can’t say for sure right now what will happen but be aware it may.

For all of my readers here in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving and I wish all of you a great week, especially the day.  We deserve, all of us, atheists and belivers, a day here and there where we can just enjoy the day.

We can discuss other issues next week. Make sure you express your love and appreciation for all of those in your home.

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