Have Fun Tonight, But Be Responsible



I keep hearing everyone I know saying they can’t believe another year has gone by already, and I have to agree. It does seem, as I become older, that the year seems shorter than it appeared to me when I was a child. A week just zips by now unlike when I was in school and it seemed like Friday would never arrive.

So tonight we, well some of us, celebrate another year coming to an end. Lots of parties and of course adult beverages will be consumed and as usual, there will be some that wind up in jail sometime tonoght because they had a little too much to drink. It seems like everywhere now, the police have roadblocks set up and wuill randomly check to see if a driver can safely operate a vehicle. In my little town last year, a dozen spent their New Years behind bars.

Please be careful if you’re out tonight and if you happen to have a little too much to drink, find another way home. It’s a lot cheaper to call a cab, or even a friend, to bring you home than the possible 1,000’s of dollars in fines, not to mention jail and loss of a job because of taking a chance that was unnecessary.

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