A Blog About Nothing



Sometimes you just need a break. A day or two, sometimes longer, and that’s why we have vacation days from work. We all need a little break from the day to day, get away if we can, and have some time where we’re not thinking about anything in particular. Blogging isn’t difficult, there’s always something to write about, but on occassion, it’s important to stop typing, and just do something else for a bit to be able to come back stronger.

I like writing, but there are times when I find myself struggling to find a relevant topic to write about. When that occurs, it’s time to take a break. Sure, there’s a lot I could write about, but the question arises, is it interesting to me, and more so, will it be interesting to my readers?

We all write about the same things all the time, trying to find a different take on the same subject. How many different takes on atheism can there be? Well, quite a few,  but then I’m mainly preaching to the choir, aren’t I?  Although I can’t prove it, I’m fairly certain that the only people that come here, read, sometimes comment, are like minded.

So, I’m going to start branching out a little more. Finding stories that are not specifically atheist in content, but other stories that may be more interesting overall. I’ve done this in the past, in fact, this recent post, garnered views and comments I didn’t really expect. I’m not going to stop writing about atheism or religion, I just want to delve into other things that interest me, and hopefully you.

There are plenty of atheist blogs out here. I’m one of the smaller ones. I write what i think is true,  I don’t write to necessarily attract readers. You either like the content here or you don’t. It’s that simple. I do attempt to find out what interests my readers as some posts generate huge views (for me) while others, that I believe are good think pieces, are relatively unseen. That’s the way it goes

Heading into 2019, there’s going to be a lot to write about. Just look at the news. Will there be anything worthwhile to write about  as to atheism? I’m sure there will be some drama that will poke its head up. We always seem, at one point or another, to cause some internal controversy that attracts outside attention.

I think we can do better than spend energy attacking one another. But hey, it’s fodder for we bloggers.





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