Atheism as Religion?



I’ve always been interested as to why believers, some at least, consider atheism just another religion. It’s clear that we have no supernatural beliefs, so what is it these theists are looking at that make them want to call atheists religious? I think it may be that the definition of religion is much broader than just a belief in gods, it also has to do with an specific interest people may have. Like atheism.

I don’t view atheism as a religion as it’s only a part of my life, not a focus for me. For others, it may be their life’s pursuit. When anything becomes that important, others may view it as a mission of that persons life which is easily, in my opinion, looked upon as a sort of religious fervor. Some I know refer to these atheists as  militant. I’ve never met anyone like that in person, but have, rarely, come across them online. I personally try to avoid people like that asmuch as I can.

It’s not just those that are hard-core though that give the impression of atheism being a religion. There are local atheist groups that want their communities to be more inclusive. There’s nothing wrong with that on its face, but when they want to be included in giving the invocation for a local city council meeting, it may point to more than just being inclusive.

There was a time, not that long ago, where atheists looked to end the practice of invocations by local government. Now, at least in this one case, the opposite seems to be true. Some may call this a victory for atheists, I call it a surrender and all it does is give those tht would say atheism is nothing but another religion, more ammunition. I think there are other ways that atheists may contribute to their communities other than participating in a religious ceremony.

We need to be able to disabuse the idea that atheism is just another religious belief, instead of attempting to integrate into the religious community.


6 thoughts on “Atheism as Religion?

  1. Atheists are servants of Satan, and once upon a time there were real witch hunts for those in league with the evil forces of darkness. That is the “religion of disbelief” which the faithful have been commanded to destroy. They say, “Just you wait, Just wait ’til the end of the world. Just wait, you’ll see.”
    Damn, it as already been 2,000 years. GROG


  2. I agree. Its just a part of my life also, not a PASSION. And I think that’s where the misconception is.
    For me it’s certainly not synonomous with it being a “religion” like the belief in a god or gods nor is it something I place supreme importance on. I’m a conservative also, but I don’t consider myself a “passionate” or “religious” conservative. Thats just my political idealogy.
    But atheism is not an ideology, nor is it a worldview, and absolutely NOT a religion of faith or worship. It’s nothing more than a single position on a single issue. If one believes in god or gods they are a theist. If one does not believe in god or gods, they are atheists. Its that simple.
    Good blog btw.


    • I’ve never been able to understand the liberal, conservative split. There is the paternal, maternal split, there is the big gov verse the minimalist government. To me humanism is the fairest.
      As for gods, they are not the problem. Heaven is the problem! And getting into it, is the delusion of resurrection. The reason for concern about the monotheistic- resurrectionists is that the “end of the story”, according to them, is the “End of the world”. They believe and preach that their story applies to the whole world. They really think it does and they’re continually trying to make their dream come true.
      btw How do you feel about resurrection? GROG.


      • If I had a say and I would say that mixing a god affirming invocation was illegal. If I were ask to swear on the Bible I would most certainly decline. In the City Council room of a nearby community, the God fearing mayor has “In God We Trust” in large golden letters on the wall. I think AA is looking into it.


      • The point of the post, I think has been missed. Do atheists want to be inclusice and give invocations at local government meetings, or should atheists, lobby for the end of these practices? When atheists begin participating in religious ceremonies, how may we then deny that atheism is not, in fact, just another religion?


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