To Podcast or Not


I’ve been thinking for a while about hosting a podcast. I like the idea as when I first came online, I was a host on a popular show called “Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes”. We had a lot of fun and if you don’t understand the reference, at the time, there was a lot of feminists complaing about certain colors for boys versus girls. Also that, if you were a woman that disagreed with anything they said, you were a “Chill Girl”.

We had some great guests and had a lot of fun for a while. But hosting a podcast, trying to schedule guests, became a bit of a burden, especially when we recorded weekly. I think you can still find those old shows online, Just look for the title. I think you may be amused.

When we began, none of our podcasts were live. After a while, Renee decided that we should be live and so we went from recording on Skype, to BlogTalk Radio. That increased our audience by a magnitude. Of course, that wasn’t free, as Skype is, but Renee picked up the cost herself (thank you Renee). It became even more intersting as we had listeners that could come on, live with us, and tell us what they thought about whatever the subject was we were discussing.

Of course, because it was a weekly at the time, it actually became too much for all of us. Note that we made no money from this, it was really just something the 3 of us intially, Renee, Karen, and me, wanted to do. So we faded. Since then, I’ve thought about regenerating the podcast, but instead of it being weekly, maybe monthly. I’m thinking that yes, evcen I can find an hour once per month.

Of course I could do this myself, and I am thinking of doing just that, but wouldn’t it be better if there were a co-host as well? I think so.  We’ll see how it goes. I think we need more podcasts and blogs from atheists, speaking to the general population, which is my intent. I don’t want a “high five” from fellow atheists but want to reach those that are fellow skeptics as well, just not able for one reason or another, to come out as such.

All I will say right now is , watch this spacel. I’ll be announcing something soon.

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