Is Christianity Monotheist?



I’m always amazed when I have a discussion with a Christian how they justify their belief. There is actually no historical evidence for the Jesus of the New Testament, even though most scholars will tell us that there probably was a Jesus during the 1st century. It seems that his biographers enhanced his character over time to the point where the finally deified him at the council of Nicea in 325 C.E. Of course Christians say that early believers were worshipping him long before that, but there’s no textual proof of that. Not even Paul, the most prolific exigent of the New Testament, and the earliest writer known, never referred to Jesus as God.

There may have been early Christians that worshipped Jesus, but did they believe he was God? Again, that’s something we can’t know, at least at present, because there’s nothing in the historical or archeological record that shows that these early believers referred to Jesus as God. Clearly he was venerated, or there would not have been an entire cult grow up around him, but would that in fact determine that he was God? If so, then how do Christians justify being monotheists? It’s a conundrum that those same bishops in Nicea struggled with until they came up with something so fantastic, not even Harry Houdini would have been able to escape. The Gordian Knot that Alexander, with the sharpest of swords, would not be able to slice through.

You see, there’s only one God, but he exists as three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So, God is son, his son is his father, and the spirit? Just a participant in the three way. Okay that was a joke. The spirit being the vehicle, the manifestation of both. So, let’s look at this with our brains, using reason: 3 distinct entities are actually one person.

I am my father’s son, but he was a distinctly different person than me, and vice versa. Sure he raised me, instructed me, but we were separate individuals and were not of the same mind, So this idea of the Trinity seems odd to we weak minded humans. It should and it did to the Jews as well. How can these Christians refer to themselves as monotheist  when they worship more than one individual? Notice the Muslim religion, even though they venerate Mohammed, have never attempted to deify him, and are therefore immune from the question of monotheism.

As a much younger man, a Christian at the time, I would have the occasion to speak with my pastor. Inevitably, I would entreat: Now explain to me how God can be three distinct individuals yet be one person. The ensuing verbal gymnastics used to drive me crazy to the point where I concluded that God must have Dissociative Identity Disorder, commonly known as multiple personalities, where people seem to have more than one identity in their mind.

So, as a Christian, I was worshipping a being with an incurable disorder. Ask any Christian today to explain the idea of the Trinity and watch their face change. Of course they attempt, but it’s easy to tell that even they cannot fully grasp the concept because it’s not rational. Of course, whenever I say just that, it’s always explained to me that we are not able to comprehend the ways of God.

Well, then why should I worship a being that I can’t understand? Why won’t this being just make it clear to all of us dunderheads? Is it because the whole idea is nonsense? Well, it became clear to me, over time, that all of this I had been taught, was being taught,  was just that: nonsense.

No matter how carefully anyone parses their words, or interprets their scripture, there’s no reason to believe that Jesus is God, or a manifestation of the same, which leads to the obvious: The entire Christian belief system is based upon a fantasy.




2 thoughts on “Is Christianity Monotheist?

  1. I really enjoyed this post and I agree. I hated trying to explain the trinity when I was a Christian because my brain new it was insane concept. I believe people stay in Christianity for fear of death/hell, because their loved ones believe or died believers and because of community. As you mentioned in your Atheism isn’t going away blog, I also came out of belief after 30 years because I studied it so much that my inner consciousness could no longer overlook all these similar absurdities and it was agonizing experience. But it gets better one day at a time and it brings me joy I am not ideologically bound to believe something like the Trinity any longer!


  2. God, being the only entity before everything else got created, had to use his matter/energy to make the rest. You see that, right?

    Since Everything is God droppings, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are, like the rest of us, bits of God, which means that we are all gods. Makes as much sense…

    I don’t understand why Christians don’t understand that concept.

    Of course, I am serious!


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