Atheists Are Not Obsessed With God




Why are you obsessed with God, a being you claim doesn’t exist? ?Is a question atheists often hear. Personally, I’m not obsessed with any god, although I do write about the subject on occasion. The reason, I write about something I don’t believe exists is that I want to show others that there’s no reason to believe in something that has no effect on anyone’s life.  No one has to believe in any god to get through life and there’s no punishment or reward after this life for anything.

Why would anyone want to live under a threat of eternal punishment is they didn’t accept something as true? That doesn’t even make sense for what is described as a loving god, does it?  It occurs to me that belief is more like being a hostage, and after a time the person develops Stockholm Syndrome, where they identify with their abductor or a period of time. It helps if the hostage is young. That’s the real problem, that adults indoctrinate, make children fear that if they’re not good, and believe in god, then there’s a terrible consequence after this life. In my mind, that’s a form of child abuse. By itself, that’s as good a reason as any to do whatever I am able to disabuse the idea that there is a god and he loves you.

There isn’t and the make-believe god that has been taught for millennia doesn’t love anyone because if he did exist and did love us, does anyone actually believe the world would be in the state it is in with wars, disease, starvation, when an omnipotent god to solve all of those problems with a wink of an eye?

It just seems a little odd that people would want to worship, give glory to, a being that does nothing to resolve any of the issues of the world that this god created. Yet, as a species, we seem to  have a need for something more than ourselves. Think about it; Look around, it’s everywhere. That new job, promotion, or raise? That was god because the person has been faithful. The touchdown, or goal in the net? Give the glory to some god instead of ourselves, that trained for years to achieve a level of excellence.

Who’s obsessed with god? Not atheists. We just point out the absurdity of believing in someone that has done nothing to improve the state of humankind. Ever.





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